If I could be an animal, I would be …

In collaboration with Samantha W. (11 years old)

Photo credit: flickriver.com


If I could be an animal, I would be a horse.  Not just any ordinary horse living in simply any country, mind you.  I certainly have no wish to be a beast of burden on a farm.  So, I would be a wild stallion roaming freely across Mongolia instead.

Why Mongolia one might ask? This country has vast undulating grasslands that stretch widely across the Asian steppe with permanently snow-capped high peaks and eternal blue skies.  It is also home to numerous forested mountains, crystal-clear mountain streams, fresh water lakes and a rich array of wildflowers.

Choosing Mongolia as my home country is definitely the best choice I could have ever made.  There is no fear of food shortage for there is an unending supply of the choicest grass to eat and the clearest fresh water to drink.

The best part is that there is plenty of space to gallop freely without meeting the most dangerous species on Earth – the humans.  A wild stallion like me needs to be free to do whatever he wishes.  I would wish to challenge my mates to race me and win every single race.  That would be a perfectly ideal way to spend my days.  However, I would probably tire of such a life in the long run and would wish to look for my soul mate in life.

It is said that horses are living works of art.  Indeed that would be me – raven black with a white star on my forehead and white hooves, I would be a very handsome fellow among my race.  Mares would be admiring from afar and I could afford to be picky.  I bet you males out there want to be stallions too.

I would find a fast, lady-horse and fly like wind by her side.  I would trot beside her to tranquil waters for a drink when we are thirsty from our gallops.  We would drink from mountain water among yellow and purple wildflowers.

After satisfying our parched throats, I would rub my nose against her soft velvety nose gently to declare my admiration and love for her while hoping that she smiles and whinnies at me.  See, we male horses know that courting our ladies is a very important task.

My beautiful wife would gift me with a little foal and as soon as he is steady on his legs, my family and I would be cantering across the rolling grasslands.  Yes, life as a wild stallion is definitely splendid and perfect.

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