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How to make an English teacher pull her hair out

Being an English teacher in any Malaysian school these days is not an easy task.  When she has to grade an essay like the one below, she probably resorts to some serious hair-pulling.  Hopefully, she doesn’t acquire trichotillomania in the … Continue reading

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Chloe’s Bruise

Children learn spelling faster when they can relate a word to themselves.  I try to use every occasion as a teaching opportunity.  6-year-old Chloe came with bruises this morning, so I seized the moment to introduce the word “bruise” to … Continue reading

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Where is Switzerland?

  Teacher:  Where is Switzerland? Mr 13A:  In Australia. Mr 13B:  In New Zealand. Miss 14:  In the U.S. Miss 13:  In Greenland? Teacher:  Don’t you learn Geography in school these days? Mr 13B:  Yes but we learn it in … Continue reading

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I No

I asked Miss 6 a question this afternoon, “Do you know how to do this?” “Know,” she squeaked. “No?  Are you sure?” I inquired. “Know,” she repeated. “What do you mean you don’t know?  That’s an easy one!” my voice … Continue reading

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Tuitions… are they really necessary?

When I was a young lass (that was more than 40 years ago), tuition was almost a foreign word to me.  Dad, a first-generation Chinese immigrant to Malaysia maintained that my siblings and I were already lucky to attend school. … Continue reading

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Teaching young kids how to write simple stories

This post is for parents who wish to teach their young children how to begin writing simple stories. Kids can write well if they are properly taught to do so.  Give them helping words and encourage them to construct a … Continue reading

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For a teacher, it’s akin to a nightmare to have to grade a paper when the handwriting is nearly incomprehensible.  A teacher will usually leave a badly handwritten piece to the very last.  And students are known to have been … Continue reading

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