If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

By Elijah (14 years old)

If I could have 3 wishes, what would I wish for? - Blog By Donna

I sometimes envy Aladdin. He was granted three wishes by the genie which enabled him to live happily ever after. So, please Mr. Genie, grant me my three wishes because I want to be as contented as Aladdin.

My first wish is to become the wealthiest man on Earth so that I could buy anything I like and travel around the world in my own personal jet. I could also fulfill my dream of being a philanthropist by giving away millions to the needy.

Not only would I wish for wealth, I would also wish to be the smartest man alive so that I would not be conned by scammers. I could solve all kinds of difficult problems by myself. Being superbly intelligent, graduating from university with honours is an absolute breeze.

However, being filthy rich and a genius mean nothing if I am not healthy. Therefore, my last wish is to be perfectly hale and hearty so that I could get to enjoy my idyllic life.

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Is Money a Necessity Today?

By Alden (14 years old)

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Money is absolutely a necessity in life today as we now live in a world whereby everything revolves around money. We require money to buy basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

Parents have to work hard to put food on the table, ensure that their offspring are well-fed, raised in comfort, have a good education and still put some money away for a rainy day. But if a man has no money, he cannot provide for his family and the family might all end up sleeping rough in the streets.

If one does not have money, one cannot start a business to earn more money and neither can one enjoy the pleasure of purchasing what he wants or goes travelling. When we fall sick or have a toothache, we also need money to seek treatment.

In a nutshell, nobody can get by if he is penniless as he needs money to buy food, water, clothing, shelter, education and seek treatment for sicknesses. So, is money a necessity today? It is an indisputably YES!

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A Child Soldier

By Henry (14 years old)

Child soldiers - What′s their role in the Afghan conflict? | Asia ...


In Afghanistan, there is a 12-year-old boy named Azir. He is tall for his age and is well-known in his village for his height and brute strength. 

Azir is a child soldier.  He was recruited at 8 when both his parents had died. He had to survive and the only people willing to take him in were the town’s militia army. 

Each day, Azir wakes up early and heads towards the lookout where he was commanded to guard. Instead of regarding it as a chore, Azir considers it an honor to be in the position to protect his comrades. He stands guard tirelessly with a deadly AK-47 to deter trespassers and enemies.

One night, his leader commanded the entire camp to gather in a circle. He had decided to invade a small enemy camp some distance away. Azir and his fellow soldiers zealously went with the idea. 

They sneaked into the hostile base and took the enemies  by surprise.  They stained the walls with blood and left behind only gory body parts of their foes. Despite his young age, Azir enjoyed the  fighting and killing. Standing at the post was sometimes tiresomely monotonous  so when an opportunity for an attack showed up, the bloodthirsty youngster was eager for some fast and furious action.   

Azir really loves his current life, killing and doing drugs.  He terrifies the people in his village with his violence but this does not bother him one bit. He wants to be a warlord one day.


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Child Soldiers

In collaboration with Lesdon (13 years old)

Myanmar military releases 75 child soldiers from service ...


Child soldiers are children who are below the age of 18 recruited or used in armed conflict. There are still many child soldiers in the world today. 

Child soldiers are often forcibly recruited.  Armed forces as well as opposition groups coerce, intimidate or abduct children and force them to become child soldiers as children can be easily manipulated; they do not eat very much food and nor do they  have to be paid. 

In the boot camp, the drill sergeants administer drugs like marijuana and heroin depending on the availability of the drugs to the new underage recruits so that the latter can be easily controlled and manipulated.  Child soldiers are also fed drugs when they enter into a battle to make them fearless. 

These pitiful youngsters live in harsh and deplorable environments and are treated brutally with frequent beatings for the slightest mistake.  As a result of inhumane punishment for mistakes or attempted escape, child soldiers can grow to become very violent.  They kill when they feel threatened, causing civilians to greatly fear them. 

Being a teenager, I cannot imagine myself nor my peers as child soldiers torturing or killing others.  That would be a really terrible tragedy.  We children must be allowed to be children and go to school to be educated, not taken against our will to some barbarous army camps, touting guns and be initiated into killing others.

I fervently pray and hope for the day when child soldiers are given back their freedom and sanity.  Please dear Lord, let it be real, real soon!

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Turning over a New Leaf

By Elijah (14 years old)

Burglar's Perspective: Why You Need Tighter Garage Security ...


James was a full-time burglar and was good at it. He broke into people’s homes during the night while everyone was sound asleep. He was never caught until one fateful night.

It was a cold and silent night.  James had decided to rob the rich man’s 3-storey mansion nearby his neighbourhood.  Mr Moneybags and his family were on a vacation in the Bahamas and made a grave mistake of sharing his holiday photographs on his Facebook. 

James arrived at the mansion and waited patiently until midnight before he made his move.  In a flash, he was over the huge gates and managed to enter the mansion without anyone noticing or so he thought. 

Once inside, James began putting the valuables into his big sack.  He went from floor to floor, taking his pick.  Hours later, as he was about to leave, he heard sirens blaring outside.  It turned out that a neighbour had seen James climb over the gates and called the police right away.  The police caught James red-handed with the loot and took him to the police station. 

James was subsequently taken to court and was sentenced to two years in jail.  He deeply regretted his folly and vowed to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start after his imprisonment.


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A Child Labourer

By Henry (14 years old)

Rafael Nadal's Blistered Hand at Australian Open Match Looks ...


Feechi lives in northern Rwanda. He is a child labourer and has to get up early in the morning to work at the logging camp where he chops trees that are small enough for him to handle.  Feechi carries a heavy and sharp axe all day.  At the end of his work day, he has painful blisters on his hands.

Feechi is now 12.  He became a child labourer at the age of 8 when his father, a die-hard gambler passed away from a terminal illness.  He left behind a huge gambling debt for his wife and young Feechi to pay off.  Thus, Feechi has no choice but to endure the hard work in the woods.

Every day, Feechi goes to work with the hope that someday in the future, his family’s debt will be paid off so that he and his mother would finally be able to live a normal life.

One day, his opportunity came. The charity school across his house had decided to take in more students and luckily, Feechi was one of them.  He can now graduate from Secondary School and possibly get a better job in the future.

Meanwhile, Feechi still has to keep his job at the logging camp. His job as a helper at the logging camps does not change but at least he is certain of a more secure future ahead.


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Child Soldiers

By Elijah (14 years old)

What is behind the rising number of child soldiers? | War ...


Who are child soldiers?  I bet most kids are not even aware that they exist in our world. Child soldiers are children below the age of 18 who are recruited or used by an armed group in any capacity.  They are quite prevalent in some countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. 

Rebel and terrorist groups use children to become soldiers for  several reasons. Children are easier to manipulate; they do not need much food and neither do they have a highly developed sense of danger.  Armed groups can just easily capture a child and intimidate  him into joining the army of child soldiers.

At the child soldiers’ camp, negativity and brutality are instilled in the young recruits.  There is no formal or moral education in the child military.  Instead, recruits are taught to torture the captured enemies with violence that is simply too nauseous for us to witness before killing them.  The youngsters are encouraged to smoke marijuana or cannabis to enhance courage and aggression.  The use of drugs also staves off fatigue during night attacks.

Being a child soldier is not a  life which any normal young person would want. Child soldiers experience inhumane treatment and are forced to grow up too quickly.  Many will lose their lives and few will get to return home unharmed.  These young recruits are trained to participate in armed combat.  On the other hand, girl soldiers are used as sex slaves and taken as “wives” by male fighters.  This atrocity harms the helpless girls both physically and mentally, resulting in permanent emotional scars. 

Horrifyingly, according to Child Soldiers International, fifty countries still allow children to be recruited into the armed forces.               

I personally believe that such monstrosity should be immediately banned.  All children should be allowed to have a decent childhood. No one should be turned into fighters at a young age.  Please give child soldiers their lives back!


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Is it better to study online or in a classroom?

By Lesdon (13 years old)

Online Learning vs Traditional Learning: Everything You Need to Know


It is definitely better to study in a physical classroom than in an online class. The following reasons contribute to my personal belief that students can learn more effectively in an actual school environment. 

In an online class, some students may be playing games or sleeping instead of listening to the teacher.  Such impertinent students show total disrespect and discourtesy to both the teacher.  In an actual classroom, listening to the teacher is imperative as she easily knows who is not paying attention and disciplines the culprit accordingly. 

Some inconsiderate students in online classes may play noisy music in the background which distracts other fellow students. The only thing the teachers can do is to tell them to turn their equipment to mute.  During a face to face lesson,  students are not permitted to play any music or chat on their mobile phones.

If students do not do their online homework, they go unpunished.  So, many students fail to complete their work.  In an actual classroom, students who do not turn in their homework get punished.  If the offenders persist in their willfulness, parents have to go to school to meet the class teachers. 

Poor Internet connection can be frustrating for online learners.  Students with weak WiFi experience difficulties trying to hear what the teachers are saying. When teachers and students encounter patchy conversations where parts of the speeches go missing, both parties cannot understand each other.  

All being said, learning online is still better than not learning at all.  However, many students prefer to learn in a physical classroom so they can learn more effectively.


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Is it better to learn online or in a classroom?

By Elijah (14 years old)

Studying from Home vs. School Learning Session – ELOISA'S BLOG


Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, schools were ordered to close and students  were forced to stay at home and study online.  After three months of online studying, I personally think that learning in a classroom is a lot better than learning online.  Allow me to tell you why.

Learning in a classroom helps us to focus and learn more effectively because being in a classroom, a student  is less distracted as compared to a home environment as there are simply too many things going on, making too much noise in the background, which is distracting to both the students and the teachers.  

In class,  the teacher can explain a subject clearly to us so that we can fully understand the theories and concepts of a topic.  Moreover, students who are not paying attention will be easily spotted and singled out by the teacher. However, during an online lesson, students are more likely to doze off. It has been reported by teachers that their students are doing other stuff when they are teaching online. Students can be playing games, munching on snacks or even disappear during an online lesson. They pretty much do whatever they like.

Another drawback of an online lesson is that we have less interaction with our classmates and teachers.  It is also more difficult to carry out projects, assignments or presentations during online classes. Often than not, communicating with our project partners and teachers can pose a problem when the Internet is unstable and not everybody can make it online as they have committed to other activities.

Health wise, long hours of staring at the screen of a phone or computer often makes our eyes tire easily, resulting in eyestrain. Working at a computer constantly can cause back, neck and shoulder pains, headache and overuse injuries of the arms and hands. We are students who are still growing physically but because of having to study online, we are having ailments which only the older adults suffer.  What is the world coming to when youngsters have to grow old prematurely?  

Although learning online is still better than not learning at all, most students prefer to attend actual school where we enjoy meeting up with our fellow classmates and teachers.  I, for one, terribly miss the PE lesson and sports games at school. Therefore, we must all  appreciate and make the most of it when we are able to go to school. 


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A House on Fire

By Francine (7 years old)

Blogging in Pakistan - Essay In English: A House On Fire English Essay


There was a house on fire yesterday.  Bob was all alone and trapped in the burning house.  He was really scared and screamed loudly for help but nobody seemed to hear his desperate cries.

A neighbour called the fire brigade.  Soon,the fire trucks came with their sirens blaring loudly.  The firefighters quickly set to put out the fire.                                                               

Luckily, Bob’s parents had returned and realised that their son was still inside the house. One of the firefighters went into the house to save the boy while the rest of the firefighters worked very hard to put out the fire.    

The ambulance was on standby while the police controlled the crowd of bystanders who had gathered. When the brave firefighter came out with Bob safely in his arms, everyone cheered.  Bob’s parents were very relieved that he was unharmed.    

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