A Day at the Zoo

By Heather (11 years old)

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Last Friday was a public holiday so my father decided to take us to the zoo.  We were all very excited.  Everyone got into Father’s car and we reached the zoo within an hour. 

Father parked the car and went to buy four tickets at the ticketing booth. He also bought some food to feed the animals. We went to see the small animal kingdom first. I fed the rabbits with some carrots because I knew they loved carrots. All the rabbits were pushing at one another to get out of the way because they wanted to get to the carrots.

After we left the small animal kingdom, we went to see the monkeys. They were very mischievous and funny. We had some bananas that we brought with us from home and gave some to the monkeys. They fought and squabbled over the bananas, trying to steal them from one another. When a monkey got a banana, it would run off up the tree and all the others would chase it up and down the tree, trying to get a piece of the banana. Their antics really made us roar with laughter.

We left the monkeys quarrelling with another over the bananas and went to see the elephants. We had a ride on one of the elephants. As we still had some bananas left over, we decided to give them to the elephant that was giving us a ride. He gently took the bananas from my hand with his trunk and put them into his mouth, skin and all.

It was a bit scary being on top of such a big elephant. As it ambled through the jungle with us on its back, we were getting bumped up and down, swaying from side to side, but it was fun as well. Eventually, the elephant sat down on the ground so we could climb off its back.

Before we left, my father took us all to a cafe. We had an assortment of donuts and some orange juice. On the way home, we were still talking and laughing about the ride on the elephant‘s back and the funny monkeys. We all had a really great time at the zoo.  I would love to go back to the zoo again sometime.

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Don’t Ask Me to Write about …

By Kingsley (9 years old)

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Don’t ask me to write about… the 39 Clues Book because I did not finish it as it had too many pages to cover and lots of big words that I found too hard to understand.  It was also difficult to concentrate as my sister was watching a noisy movie.

Don’t ask me to write about… the time my mother overslept and left me stranded at the tuition centre.  It was almost midnight when she finally woke up and remembered me.

Don’t ask me to write about… forgetting to complete my Geography homework.  I was at my friend’s house and did not bring my books with me but my teacher did not believe me.  She punished me by telling me to write a hundred lines on not forgetting to complete my homework.

Don’t ask me to write about… the morning I was so, so late for school.  School started at 8 a.m. but I got there at 11 a.m.  We had overslept.  I had to stand outside the classroom for three hours.  I hated standing outside the classroom because a lot of busybodies, both teachers and students, stopped to ask me why I was not inside.  The answer was so obvious… I was NOT in the classroom for I was OUTSIDE.  I do wish they had more common sense.

Don’t ask me to write about… when I pooped in my pants at Public Bank and everyone was sniffing the air, wondering who the culprit was.  I had eaten eight barbecued sausages for breakfast that morning.  Greedy?  YEAHHH … I know.

Don’t ask me to write about… that time I dropped and lost a RM50 note.  I was playing tag with my friends and did not realise it had fallen out of my pocket.  I was very depressed about losing my money as it was my pocket money for the month of January.

Don’t ask me to write about… the morning when Bosco, Tomie and I were running around in the school canteen before the first class started.  Tomie dropped his pants and everyone including the girls were roaring with laughter.  Tomie had not zipped his pants properly.

Don’t ask me to write about… my fear of dogs.  I hate dogs because I was chased by a large one before.  I had some bones in my hands and the dog wanted them.  It chased me, barking at me down the street and how glad I was when my dad came to my rescue and chased the dog away.

Don’t ask me to write about… my dad eating a big bowl of creepy-crawlies and drinking a large glass of pure lemon juice.  His crazy friends had dared him to do it for RM1,000.  My silly dad accepted the challenge and never won the prize money because he turned green and puked after swallowing five wriggling earthworms and a dung beetle.

Don’t ask me to write about… a field trip when I was in kindergarten.  I got lost in the maze playing hide-and-seek and could not find my way out.  The teachers had to look for me and carry me out of the maze as I had exhausted myself by crying hysterically for an hour.

Those were some of the things I never really wanted to write about because they were either annoying, stupid or embarrassing.


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A Prank

By Karie (12 years old)

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One day, Tom and James dared Peter and John to explore the run-down house nearby their school. The dilapidated house looked spooky as its lawn was overgrown with long grass. Yet, this did not stop Peter and John from taking up the dare.  They did not want to anyone to think they were cowards.

They headed to the old deserted house which had been uninhabited for the last fifty years. The door was barred despite the fact that the windows were broken with one of the shutters hanging off its hinges. They entered the derelict house by climbing through the open window.

On entering the house, they could feel a strange stillness and coldness in the room. It was as dark as night. They flashed their flashlights to find their way around the house. The house was covered with a thick layer of dust and cobwebs hung at every corner. They had an eerie feeling that the house was haunted. They were a bag of nerves as they made their way cautiously towards the staircase. The boys became really petrified when the wind howled outside, banging the shutters while the shingles on the roof flapped wildly.

With their hearts pounding away, they climbed the stairs timidly. The steps creaked noisily as they gingerly put their feet on each step. As they reached the top of the stairs, a sudden strong gust of wind blew a white piece of moldy cloth towards them. Chills descended down their spines as their faces turned as white as a sheet. Without turning back, they took to their heels and made a beeline for the window which they had climbed through earlier. Eerie noises reverberated through the house as they hurriedly descended the staircase.

At the bottom of the stairs awaiting them were Tom and James. The two pranksters were grinning from ear to ear. Only then did Peter and John realise that they were being tricked. They were utterly dumbfounded and embarrassed. The mere thought of facing their classmates the next day brought blushes to their faces.  

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A Prank

By Bosco (10 years old)

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Two brothers, Boswell and Boston, were strolling around their neighbourhood when they passed by a huge two-storey house.  It was very old and had been abandoned by its owners for years.  There were cobwebs hanging on the door and windows.

The boys felt adventurous and wanted to explore the house but the door was locked so they entered the house by climbing through an open window.  Inside, it looked like burglars had done a good job of ransacking the living room, leaving a total mess behind.

“What a messy house!  Maybe it’s haunted as well!” exclaimed Boswell.

“I don’t believe in ghosts,” said Boston.

He had barely finished speaking when an eerie voice called out their names, “Booooosweell… Boooossstoooon…”.

Chills ran down the siblings’ spines as they thought that a ghost was calling out their names.  By now, Boston had changed his mind about the existence of ghosts.

“Booooosweell… Boooossstoooon…”, the spooky voice went again.

The boys turned very pale and ran as fast as their legs could carry them to the door but it could not open.  Their hearts were pounding away and things took a turn for the worse when they heard loud stomps and a shadow bigger than an elephant getting closer to them.

Terribly petrified, they thought they were going to die.  However, they heard someone laughing hysterically.  It was their elder brother, Bosco who was laughing so hard that he was in tears.

The two younger boys were really cross with Bosco for playing a prank on them but instead of scolding him, they blushed because they had always claimed to be way more courageous than their brother.

With a big grin on his face, Bosco skipped all the way home, pleased as punch.


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Our Jungle Camping Trip

By Ken

photo of pitched dome tents overlooking mountain ranges

Photo by Xue guangjian on Pexels.com


Kingsley, William, Jun, Brendon and I wanted to go on a camping trip in the jungle, so we decided to go on Saturday because everyone was free.  I got my small yellow rucksack and packed t-shirts, pants, a hat and everything I needed for the trip.

My phone rang at 8 am.  It was Kingsley.  “Are you ready to go on our trip, Ken?” he asked.

I had forgotten that we were going on a camping trip and that the bus was going to pick me up at 8:30 am.  I ran and put on some clothes and waited outside for my friends to arrive.

They finally arrived. “Beep! Beep!” I could hear the bus coming closer and closer.  As I boarded the bus, I saw that it looked really old. The seats were half torn and the cushion from the seats had come off their broken frames.

We played candy crush on our phones on the bus.  After a few hours, the bus came to a sudden stop.  We had arrived at our destination. 

The jungle looked much bigger than I had expected.  As we walked through the jungle, the tall trees looked ready to greet us and the long green grass looked like a person with a bad hair day.

William was the one to find a perfect spot to set up our tents on.  I got out my navy green coloured tent and set it up.  Jun and Brendon were sharing a tent because Jun was scared of sleeping alone.  If he heard an owl hooting at night, it would make him jump and run away, so we did not want to risk that when he could share a tent.

Kingsley, on the other hand, had a big red tent with a picture of an ugly looking wolf on it.  Did he know that we were camping, not on a wildlife safari?

I wanted to collect the wood for the fire so I walked through the jungle. Seeing all the birds and animals around made me feel very happy to be here.  I came back with about 20 sticks and some logs, hoping they would be enough.

William and Jun went to get some rocks to put around the sticks for the campfire.  We roasted some marshmallows and potatoes over the fire.  They tasted really good.

Later that night, I was in my tent, ready to sleep but couldn’t.  In Jun and Brendon’s tent, all the lamps were on. Jun was the reason all the lights were on because he was scared.  He thought that a ferocious wolf like the one on Kingsley’s tent would come and kill him or injure him real bad.

In the other tent, Kingsley was talking to someone, probably one of his friends about our camping adventure on the phone rather loudly.  How did he even get any signal in the jungle?

Eventually, peace reigned.  I could finally sleep but not for long.  Ahhhhh!” shouted someone from outside. 

We all went outside the tent to see what it was.  Jun was curled in a ball near the campfire.  “I…I…I… s…ss… saw something in the trees,” he stammered.

William, Brendon, Kingsley and I knew it was just Jun’s imagination.  Just to make Jun know that there was nothing there, we went into the forest with our torchlights.  We walked and walked.  It felt like forever and there was nothing there.  We couldn’t even see any birds or squirrels.

We all walked back to where our tents were.  Jun’s eyes were wide open, looking around to make sure nothing was coming to attack us. When we arrived back, Brendon was angry that Jun had woken him up and he had to share a tent with him.  Kingsley just sat playing with his phone, oblivious of what was going on and there was me, half asleep but still aware of my surroundings.

Snakes!’’ I shouted while scrambling to get out of the tent.  There were snakes in the tent.  William came running to see if I was lying or not.  I ran past him while Jun was with Brendon. There were snakes everywhere.  We had to get out of there as soon as possible or the snakes were going to eat us alive.

William said, “I’ve heard that if you don’t step on a snake or harm them, you’ll be safe.’’

That might be true but nobody wanted to stay.  The snakes seemed to be everywhere as we ran off into the jungle .  We ran until I realised someone was missing. “We’ve left Jun and Brendon behind. They‘re not here. We’ll have to go find them,’’ I whispered to William and Kingsley.

William said that he was not going back but he would stay at the spot and wait for us to return.  So, Kingsley and I tiptoed back to where we had last seen Jun and Brendon.

Help! Someone help!” It sounded like Jun.

We found Jun and Brendon a short distance away.  Brendon had been bitten by a snake and it looked like he was going to pass out. I looked around to look for anything that could stop the poison from spreading into his body but failed miserably.

I took Brendon’s jumper that was lying on the floor and gave it to Kingsley and told him to wrap it around Brendon’s leg. Jun and I helped Brendon up. Brendon put one arm around my neck and the other around Jun’s.

We all walked back to where William was waiting for us. “Do you think we can go now?’’ William asked.

I nodded my head and we took our first steps out of the jungle. Kingsley was already calling an ambulance on his phone.

We got near a road and saw a truck approaching. So, Kingsley and I waved wildly for help but to our dismay, the driver did not stop. Maybe he was thinking that he was hallucinating or seeing apparitions.

Jun was even more scared now than before and William was very tired out because he was carrying Brendon on his back. Finally, the ambulance came and we all got into it and went to the hospital.

Three days later, Brendon was still in the hospital but the rest of us decided to go back to the jungle to retrieve our stuffs. Only William, Kingsley and I went because Jun was too afraid so he stayed at home. 

We took our knives and medicine with us this time.  Luckily, the coast was clear.  We got all our stuffs and then made a run for it.

A week later, everyone was at my house planning where to go next for our camping trip.  We all knew where not to go – the jungle.


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A Disaster at Sea

By Bosco (9 years old)



It was a clear and bright Sunday afternoon and a gentle breeze was blowing.  A cruise liner filled with tourists was sailing to an unknown island.  They were in the middle of the ocean when suddenly the wind became very strong and the waves turned violent.

A massive wave hit the starboard of the ship, filling it with water.  As a result, the ship capsized, throwing its passengers into the water.  The babies and children were screaming and crying with fear.  It was a very chaotic situation.

Luckily, the ship had been swept close to the shore of a tiny island when it was about to sink.  So, the passengers swam to shore.

The island was completely deserted.  There were no sign of animals, only insects and a few coconut trees.  The adults were very worried especially those with children.  How were they going to survive?  Some families began to pray.

To their amazement, their prayers were answered very promptly.  A ship appeared.  What a miracle!  All the victims heaved a big sigh of  relief as they had thought they would be stranded on that island for a long time.  Everyone boarded the ship and were taken to the nearest port of call.


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My Teacher

By Shawn (14 years old)

portrait of young woman against white background

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


My present English teacher, Mrs Beverly, is probably the best teacher I have had thus far. I find most school lessons extremely boring but Mrs Beverly is a real gem and a fresh breath of air.

Instead of making us sit on our chairs and listen to a monotonous drone, dear Mrs Beverly tells us her interesting experiences and life stories. We usually work in a group of five and brainstorm to come up with the best projects or presentations in class. Mrs Beverly never fails to share her ideas or helps solve our problems when we hit a wall on our projects. That makes us want to always do our best to please her.

Her altitude is just like us, playful and active. She can crack hilarious jokes that make us roar in laughter. Unfortunately, we cannot fool around when she is having that time of the month. Once, she mouthed the “F” word in class.  Her Aunt Flo was probably paying her a visit then but anyway, that incident was a bad memory for me.

The most incredible thing is Mrs Beverly sometimes plays “PUBG MOBILE” with my friends and me.  She turns on her voice chat and chats with us during the game.  I have never expected any teacher to come down to a student‘s level and to me, a teacher like Mrs Beverly only exists in dreams which begs the question, why can‘t more teachers be like her?


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