By Eddison (15 years old)

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Among this big world of human beings is a chubby, adorable, cheerful and sociable teen.  He is never angry over any matters.  That is why he has parties of friends hanging out with him wherever he goes.  An apple of every adult’s eye and a good brother any sibling would die for.  Who is he?  He is me and Eddy is my name.

Have I told you that I am rather self-absorbed?  Oh yes, I am quite the narcissist.  There’s never a time I don’t soak up a praise or compliment like a dry sponge.  The louder the better.  That should tell you I love the limelight… a lot!

I hate being alone unless under a unique circumstance which I pray, would never come to pass.  I am that scared of loneliness.  Fortunately, I have lots of friends to help me deal with monophobia.  My friends are like oxygen to me, they keep me alive and kicking.  They comfort me, help me in my studies and most importantly, have fun times with me.  Without them, I am like a sailboat without the sails.

I am also an optimistic fellow where sorrows and troubles never stay around for too long because I live in an imaginary world most of the time.  I love being in the make-believe world where everything is possible and I can do insane things.  Too bad Mom always stops me from living my other life because of her high expectations of me.

Her lofty expectations require me to study, study and study instead of indulging in my favourite pastime, playing computer games .  “You’ve got to study hard and excel otherwise you’ll starve in the future!” she keeps reminding me.  So, I study day in and day out.  Study is the worst, perhaps not the worst but still, a pretty bad thing in a game addict’s mind.  I do know it’s important to do well in my studies, but why can’t studying be as interesting as gaming?

All in all, my life is near perfection, but I still yearn for greater challenges to rout the drudgery of everyday life.  So there you have me in a nutshell – I want everything from life; I want to have many friends; avoid loneliness like a plague; to be selfish and enjoy myself to the utmost while I still can.

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By Esther (14 years old)


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Bio… I never know what to write about myself when I come to bio, but when the occasion calls for it, I am Esther, 14 and tragically suffering from the need to tell the world about myself.  That sounds pretty good if I may say so.  Introduction aside, I will now launch into a deep, perhaps philosophical account of myself.  I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

First of all, I would like to start with things that I like.  It will tell you a lot about me, I promise.  I enjoy reading, especially on gloomy, rainy days.  I also love the smell of rain and the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof is immensely calming. Books, which genre do I fancy?  Humour, fiction (I can’t stand non-fiction, they’re very boring), mystery and adventure books are what I mostly read.

As for writing, I enjoy descriptive writing.  It’s fun and wonderful to put myself in another setting, then imagine and spin the story.  I appreciate good poems every now and then.  Visual poetry is my favourite, although it is the hardest to write.

I don’t mind getting an education, but I hate school.  I absolutely adore a cuppa of coffee, iced or steaming hot.  My favourite flower is daisies, they’re just so pretty.  I love shopping for sports shoes.  If I had the money, you’ll see lots of Nike Roshes of every design and pattern in my closet.

I love sports.  Basketball, netball, captain ball and athletics.  I wouldn’t count myself as a super sportsperson.  I guess I’m just average, but one of the best athletes in my class.  I simply love the thrill of running no matter how tiring it is.  I want to try out the hurdles or the steeplechase if I can.  I’ll ask my teacher when I return to school.

What do I do to relax?  Usually you’ll find me on the computer or on my handphone, visiting social networking sites.  I like social media.  The fact that one can communicate with someone else in another country easily is awesome.  I’ll like to think I have friends all over the world, preferably in terms of thousands. That’s it.  That’s me!  I hope you enjoy our journey together!

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By TC (13 years old)


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It was snowing heavily outside and the chilled pedestrians hurrying to their destinations were not having an easy time of it.  However, within the walls of a white-washed room, a newborn swaddled in a tiny blanket had stopped her cries of protest at being abruptly thrusted into an alienated world.

That newborn baby was me and I have since grown into a teen, basking in the love and affection that my parents shower on my siblings and me.  I have two older sisters and that makes me the youngest in the family.

Sadly, I do not have a hobby or whatsoever grand ambition but I have a great love – eating!  My favourite food is pasta and my favourite drink is passion fruit green tea with Nata De Coco.  I also love chocolates and would die for anything chocolatey.  Yep, I am a chocoholic!

I am currently studying at a private school which I love.  Everyone calls me TC at school and sees me as a crazy maniac with unpredictable mood swings and tantrums.  That’s probably why I get along so famously with my best friend, Cheyenne.

Cheyenne is perverse in a harmless way and anti-social but she has been my childhood friend for nine years now and I love her despite her eccentricity.  Even though my peers know I am sometimes crazy, they acknowledge that I am a responsible and trustworthy person.

I could go on and on about myself but for now, this should suffice.  Is it fun knowing me?

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Dear House

By Esther (14 years old)

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Dear House,

This is Esther, your owner and this is the first time that I am talking to you. Why?  Personally, I believe that talking to non-living things is impractical but I think it’s time to say a few words to you.  You are the same age as I am, fourteen. That’s the number of years that I have stayed in you and it’s still counting.

First of all, I would like to thank you for countless of things – providing me a roof to sleep under; sheltering me from the rain; storing food for me to eat and many other things.  I really appreciate you because if it weren’t for you, I would honestly be six feet under the ground now.

You, dear House, know everything our family has been through.  The happy, sad or exciting memories we have built, for example, camping in the backyard or cooking teppanyaki outside the house.  You have seen us children growing up, my parents aging and my elder brother going overseas to further his education.   Did you ever rejoice or commiserate with us on each occasion?  I guess you did.

I have grown very used to living in you, you know?  Staying elsewhere will make me feel unsettled.  I have memorised every single feature of you, from your layout to how the furniture are placed.  You are the only place in the world that gives me a sense of security that nothing can ever hurt or harm me.

House, I love you very much.  If someone offers me a prized mansion with a golf course and awesome facilities to replace you, I would turn it down. I would never choose any other houses over you, never ever. The quote, ‘Home is where the heart is’, is very true. I can relate to it.

Thank you for everything again, and I mean it sincerely.



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Dear House

By HB (16 years old)

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Dear House,

I am writing to express remorse for my discontentment and callousness towards you despite the fact that you have been seeing to my well-being and comfort all these years.

My beloved house. I know I am the worst armchair critic, always criticising your faults and defects.  I complain about dusty floors and untidy rooms.  I grumble about the mouldy bathroom and the overflowing basket of laundry but when it comes to cleaning and keeping you tidy, I never lift a finger to help with the chores.  I rather sprawl on my favourite sofa like a sloth, watching my parents tackle the housework.  At least the sloth has an excuse for being lethargic.

My displeasure is inexhaustible.  My whim for indulgence and gratification must be driving you crazy.  I want the latest computer even though a well-functioning one sits on my study table.  I want the softest pillow and the most comfortable mattress money could buy.  I want my room spick and span.  I want my toilet bowl spotless. Yep, I hear you… that hopeless and self-centred brat.

That self-centred brat gazes out of the window on rainy days and fantasises of living in a luxurious mansion equipped with modern gadgets and sports facilities instead of a simple home.  You must be really sick of my selfishness.  If you could, you probably want to kick my ass real hard, don’t you?   And one day, my parents will probably get so fed up with my ceaseless whining and kick me out.  I would if I were them.

My dear house, I confess I have never thought of the need of being grateful to you.  Having realised my stupidity, I want to thank you for the shelter and warmth that you provide daily.  Please pardon my blunder.  If I ask you for forgiveness on my misconduct and the many transgressions against you, will you PLEASE forgive me?  I promise to turn over a new leaf.

Once again, thank you, my dearest house.

With much love,


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Dear House

By TC (13 years old)

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Dear House,

When my teacher asked me to write a letter to my house, I thought my ears were failing me but when she repeated the same instruction, I concluded she was insane.  I mean who writes to a house?  The very idea!  How droll.

Later, I put on my thinking cap and realised I had never talked to you before.  It’s about time, I think.  All my life, you have sheltered my family and I failed to appreciate it.  I began to seriously think what I would do without you.  Where would I live?  I am still working on the answer.

According to the dictionary, a house is a building for human habitation.  Personally, I believe you are more than that.  You are where my life begins and ends.  You are my sanctuary. It is definitely not just a place where I live.

Mom said we lived in another house before moving into you but I can’t remember a single thing about that house.  But you, dear house, will forever be etched in my memory with great fondness.  In my heart, you will always be the first.  You had seen me through my younger days, the petty cat-fights with my sisters, numerous crazy tantrums and wild mood swings.  I don’t know how you put up with me for I can’t even put up with myself.

To be honest, there were times when I feel sorry for you especially the uncountable times that I treated you so unkindly.  Like when I kicked your walls and slammed the doors because I was so mad at my sisters.  I know I had been beastly and abusive but I assure you, dear house, that loutish manner is in the past.  Now I know better and I am truly sorry but hey, you can’t change the past, so I solemnly promise I WILL treat you better from this day forth.

I have always wanted a big brother and only realised that I have one all along.  Do you know that you are that missing brother?  Those times when I cried, played pity parties and hated myself, you and your comfy couches had saved me by just being there for me.  You provided the shoulder I desperately needed to cry on.  I am so, so grateful and I love you so, so much.  So, a big THANK YOU, my beloved house.  May we continue to share good times and build many beautiful memories together.

Yours lovingly,


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At the Zoo

By Freya (9 years old)


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It is Sunday morning.  The sun is shining brightly.  My parents and I are at the zoo to see the animals.  I am over the moon because I am an animal lover.

There are a lot of visitors at the zoo.  A boy is riding on an elephant’s back.  There is a big smile on his face.  The tiger is fierce so I keep a safe distance from it.

A zookeeper is feeding the seals.  It is fun to watch them swallow the fish so quickly and then thump their flippers on the ground as if to say thank you.  Seals are clever animals because they can perform tricks.

There are so many animals to see.  We enjoy our day at the zoo very much.  My father says we can visit again in the coming school holidays.  I can’t wait!

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