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More Essays from Primary School Kids

Malaysian primary school pupils are normally asked to write a story based on pictures given with some helping words.  Here are some picture compositions from the young students.   Baking a Cake by Angeline  T. (7 years old) Ben’s mother … Continue reading

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An Awful Adventure

Contributed by J. Young (14 years old) The warm rays of the morning sun shone brightly into my room and caressed my chubby cheeks, thus waking me up.  I yawned sleepily as I stretched lazily on my bed. Just when … Continue reading

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The lack of a reading habit and a writing practice results in ………

Kids need to be encouraged to cultivate a regular reading habit from an early age.  Sadly, out of every 50 youngsters I know, only one of them reads adequately. Reading is the key to success in the classroom at any … Continue reading

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Tuitions… are they really necessary?

When I was a young lass (that was more than 40 years ago), tuition was almost a foreign word to me.  Dad, a first-generation Chinese immigrant to Malaysia maintained that my siblings and I were already lucky to attend school. … Continue reading

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Many Malaysian parents are concerned their kids are not proficient enough in the English language.  Their fear, it seems, is rightly justified by an online news article posted by Borneo Post on 1 February, 2012.  BP reported that possessing poor English language proficiency accounted for 8,000 nursing graduates in Malaysia being unemployed.

Yep, the government is aware of the plight, according to Public Health Assistant Minister, Dr Jerip Susil .  The question is, “What do we do about the problem?”  It would seem obvious nursing schools should step up in helping their students to not just be graduates but be employable ones!  How?  Help our budding nurses to be competent both in nursing skills and English, of course.  Stop sighing over the dilemma and take action.  Otherwise, the simple alternative will be to scrap the required English proficiency test during job interviews.


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Writings from Primary School Kids

Children must be exposed to writing at an early age.  Establishing good writing habits and learning the essentials at an early age gives students an opportunity to gain a competitive edge over their peers who start late.  The earlier they … Continue reading

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Teaching young kids how to write simple stories

This post is for parents who wish to teach their young children how to begin writing simple stories. Kids can write well if they are properly taught to do so.  Give them helping words and encourage them to construct a … Continue reading

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