The standard of the English language in Malaysia has deteriorated to a very alarming level. Before the 1990s, students used to be able to write.  The issue back then was the quality.  Now, we are tackling the inability to produce.

When kids are willing to be motivated and are given the proper guidance and resources, they will surely excel.  However, many parents are unaware that their children lack the ability to write a proper essay.  Those who manage to write, turn out compositions that murder the English language and the end results are either essays with lots of grammatical mistakes or essays that are boring, illogical and worse, incomprehensible.

The objective of this blog is 2-pronged:

  1. to reach out to Malaysian students or those outside the country who wish to improve in their writing skills in English but lack the guidance (plagiarism is however, strongly discouraged);
  2. to give parents some helpful tips (hopefully!) in assisting their kids to study.

And I have just discovered the blog’s usefulness as a teaching aid for my students and to chart their individual progress.

Have fun learning from the kids as I do!


Some images and all video clips on this blog belong to the owners of their respective copyrights.  They are posted here only for educational purposes.


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