In collaboration with SY (12 years old)

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The sky was a tint of orange and a west wind was blowing strongly. It was time. “Let’s commandeer yon trading ship and use its resources to head south, me hearties,” I told the crew.

“Hoist the colours!” I barked at one of the crew as I hobbled over to the starboard. I had a wooden leg, a hook on my right hand, and a black patch over my left eye; I looked very fearsome indeed. A gleaming golden tooth completed my formidable looks – the fiercest pirate in the Caribbean and the scourge of the seven seas.

The lookout on the merchant ship saw our skull and crossbones flag too late, but instead of turning tail, the captain fired a cannon ball that hit the bow. Enraged by his audacity, I let expletives fly. “Ye scurvy bilge rat, arrrr!   I’ll have yer lights and liver. Yer soon be shark bait, ye mangey cockroach!”

“Fire!” I snarled at my master gunner. “Aye, aye, Cap’n!” he replied and snapped rapid orders at the gunners. As the first mate competently steered the ship alongside the trading vessel, the deckhands threw grappling hooks to secure the boarding. My men swung on the lines like monkeys and we were on board the other ship in short order.

The merchant crew put up a good fight but they were no match for us ferocious pirates. All the ill-fated merchant seamen were slain for I gave no quarter nor did I believe in taking prisoners. I lived by my motto – dead men tell no tales.

Victory was sweet but finding the booty was sweeter. The crew let out triumphant whoops of joy when several chests of gold bars and coins were discovered in the hold. Moments later, we realised that we were borrowing trouble with a capital T to become overly engrossed with the gleaming gold.

Several blasts of cannon hit our ship. Nobody had noticed that the navy had snuck up to us. The gunfire intensified and I had to dodge fast bullets whizzing though the air to get to the helm. My earlier exultation instantly morphed into a towering outrage. Could a pirate captain explode with indignation? It might just do the trick in blowing up the blasted Royal British warship.

I cussed as flames leaped. The fires kept the powder monkeys busy at dousing. The guns blazed again and again. Soon the canvas caught fire and plummeted in a flurry of sparks. Debris and corpses strewn the deck.

Only a handful of my men now remained upright. They slumped their shoulders in defeat. Ignoring my deadly glare, the cowardly imbeciles jumped overboard instead of fighting to death. “Bloody traitors! Cowards! Cretins!” I cussed furiously.

Like my deserters, I was not ready for a lifetime jail term and dancing with Jack Ketch was not an option either. I would rather leap into a shiver of hungry sharks. Walking the plank after all, was a pirate’s specialty.

Giving my enemies a smart salute, I spread my arms and dived.  I sank into the sea like a boulder and the roiling currents swiftly carried me away. When I regained consciousness, I found myself lying on an uninhabited island.  In a short space of time, I had become stranded Robinson Crusoe instead of infamous Captain Scourge.  It was too demeaning.


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A New Bicycle

By Dexter T. (9 years old)

Image credit: .bobmccutcheon.com


Davy had a present for Christmas.  It was a new bicycle.  It was blue and very shiny.

Davy’s father promised to teach him how to cycle.  They went to the park so that Davy could begin to ride his new bike.  He was filled with excitement.

At first, Davy tried to balance himself on the bike.  He fell off and hurt his knees.  Petrified, he started to cry but he refused to give up.  He kept on trying many times to remain on the bicycle without falling off.  He persevered.

At last he did it.  He was over the moon.  His father was very proud of him.  Davy now rides at the park every evening.


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By Gladyce H. (7 years old)

Image credit: .mydestination.com


My family and I went to Kuala Lumpur during the weekend.  Kuala Lumpur is a big city with many big skyscrapers.  Skyscrapers are tall buildings.  There are skyscraper hotels, shopping malls, offices and condominiums.

We took the train to Singapore two days later.  Singapore has more skyscrapers.  We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  I liked staying at this towering hotel because I could swim in the children pool with my brother.  I love swimming and playing in the water because it is so hot in Singapore and Malaysia.

Image credit: mandarinoriental.com

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By Nathassa T. (7 years old)

Image credit: allpetstype-education.blogspot.com


A cow loves to eat grass.   It is a big animal.  It has a long tail and four legs.  Cows are usually brown in colour.  They can also be white and black.

A male cow is called a bull and it has two horns on its head.  The female cow has none but it gives us milk.  The baby cow is a calf.  It is very cute.  Daddy, I want a calf for a pet!


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By Angel T. (6 years old)

Image credit: wikipedia.org


The cow makes the sound moo moo all the time.  It also eats grass all the time.  It gives us milk.  I like to drink milk.  Mummy says if I drink lots of milk, I can grow tall.


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Venus Flytrap

By Kimberly C. (8 years old)

Image credit: botany.org


The Venus Flytrap is a plant that feeds on insects.  It even feeds on baby frogs that do not know better but unsuspectingly leap into its trap.  However, if an insect is big, it will kill the plant.  The plant dies when it withers, turns brown and drops onto the ground.

When an insect flies into a trap, it shuts instantly.  The insect is trapped inside and cannot get out even if it tries very hard to escape.  Then, the Venus Flytrap feeds on the insect.  Yum-yum, yummy!

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Venus Flytrap

By Dexter T. (9 years old)

Meal - Worm in venus fly trap

(Image Credit: venusflytrap.us)

The Venus Flytrap is a rare plant that grows on the coasts of North and South Carolina in the United States of America.  The plant can be 4 to 12 inches long.

A Venus Flytrap is very different from the common plants.  It is carnivorous.  That means it feeds on insects such as ants, grasshoppers, praying mantises, flies, bees and all kinds of crawlies and bugs.  When bugs crawl or fly into the trap, it shuts tightly and remains closed for one to two weeks.  Thus, a victim meets its doom when it lands inside a Venus Flytrap.

However, it is not dangerous for us humans to put our fingers in it because it will not bite us at all.  Perhaps it knows we could easily tear it apart with our hands.

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