By Eddison (15 years old)

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Among this big world of human beings is a chubby, adorable, cheerful and sociable teen.  He is never angry over any matters.  That is why he has parties of friends hanging out with him wherever he goes.  An apple of every adult’s eye and a good brother any sibling would die for.  Who is he?  He is me and Eddy is my name.

Have I told you that I am rather self-absorbed?  Oh yes, I am quite the narcissist.  There’s never a time I don’t soak up a praise or compliment like a dry sponge.  The louder the better.  That should tell you I love the limelight… a lot!

I hate being alone unless under a unique circumstance which I pray, would never come to pass.  I am that scared of loneliness.  Fortunately, I have lots of friends to help me deal with monophobia.  My friends are like oxygen to me, they keep me alive and kicking.  They comfort me, help me in my studies and most importantly, have fun times with me.  Without them, I am like a sailboat without the sails.

I am also an optimistic fellow where sorrows and troubles never stay around for too long because I live in an imaginary world most of the time.  I love being in the make-believe world where everything is possible and I can do insane things.  Too bad Mom always stops me from living my other life because of her high expectations of me.

Her lofty expectations require me to study, study and study instead of indulging in my favourite pastime, playing computer games .  “You’ve got to study hard and excel otherwise you’ll starve in the future!” she keeps reminding me.  So, I study day in and day out.  Study is the worst, perhaps not the worst but still, a pretty bad thing in a game addict’s mind.  I do know it’s important to do well in my studies, but why can’t studying be as interesting as gaming?

All in all, my life is near perfection, but I still yearn for greater challenges to rout the drudgery of everyday life.  So there you have me in a nutshell – I want everything from life; I want to have many friends; avoid loneliness like a plague; to be selfish and enjoy myself to the utmost while I still can.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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