Dear House

By HB (16 years old)

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Dear House,

I am writing to express remorse for my discontentment and callousness towards you despite the fact that you have been seeing to my well-being and comfort all these years.

My beloved house. I know I am the worst armchair critic, always criticising your faults and defects.  I complain about dusty floors and untidy rooms.  I grumble about the mouldy bathroom and the overflowing basket of laundry but when it comes to cleaning and keeping you tidy, I never lift a finger to help with the chores.  I rather sprawl on my favourite sofa like a sloth, watching my parents tackle the housework.  At least the sloth has an excuse for being lethargic.

My displeasure is inexhaustible.  My whim for indulgence and gratification must be driving you crazy.  I want the latest computer even though a well-functioning one sits on my study table.  I want the softest pillow and the most comfortable mattress money could buy.  I want my room spick and span.  I want my toilet bowl spotless. Yep, I hear you… that hopeless and self-centred brat.

That self-centred brat gazes out of the window on rainy days and fantasises of living in a luxurious mansion equipped with modern gadgets and sports facilities instead of a simple home.  You must be really sick of my selfishness.  If you could, you probably want to kick my ass real hard, don’t you?   And one day, my parents will probably get so fed up with my ceaseless whining and kick me out.  I would if I were them.

My dear house, I confess I have never thought of the need of being grateful to you.  Having realised my stupidity, I want to thank you for the shelter and warmth that you provide daily.  Please pardon my blunder.  If I ask you for forgiveness on my misconduct and the many transgressions against you, will you PLEASE forgive me?  I promise to turn over a new leaf.

Once again, thank you, my dearest house.

With much love,



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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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