Schools are worse than prisons. Do you agree?

By TC (13 yrs old)


I totally disagree that schools are worse than prisons. Schools are most certainly not worse than prisons, not even close. Although I might occasionally grumble that school is like a prison, I didn’t mean it literally. It was just a figurative expression I use to release stress.

My friends and I often complain and groan at the slightest mention of homework and tests. However, deep down we all know this work is for our own good. It helps to prepare us for a bright and successful future.

We kids know that school is where we get a formal education from trained teachers. It is also a place where we can make lifelong friends who stick by us and help us through thick and thin. If schools are worse than prisons, we will be making many enemies instead and most probably get bullied or intimidated by other students as in the case of prison inmates getting harassed by the nastier convicts behind the warden’s back. Sure, there are random cases of bullying at school but no kid will be able to survive the kind of victimisation that occurs in a penitentiary.

I sometimes think our parents must be feeling very depressed when we fail to appreciate how hard they work to earn the money to pay for our school and tuition fees. In my case, it is easily a thousand ringgit a month. It pains me when I learn of teenagers expecting their parents to pay for everything but do not do their homework but laze around absolutely nothing except perhaps play computer games.  Perhaps they should go and have a taste of jail life to wake up.

In China, a group of young web junkies actually got to experience jail-like conditions at a boot training centre in Daxing, a suburb of Beijing.  These kids were addicted to the Internet and their parents as a last resort, decided to sign them up for rehabilitation. I bet they didn’t enjoy their stint behind the bars at all and after their release, they ought to be preferring school to a detention centre.

All said, most kids do not necessarily know what they are complaining about and I honestly believe that everyone should stop saying that schools are like prisons, including myself!


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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