Two Rowdy Boys

By Danielle W. (8 years old)

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Jack and Ethan like fighting over small matters.  They are two very rowdy boys in my class.  These two boys come to school with grumpy faces unlike the other children who are always cheerful.  Sometimes I wonder if they are having indigestion.

One day, they tore each other’s books because they were fighting over a storybook.  The girls in class were scared of their violence but the boys cheered them on.  Elijah, our monitor tried to stop them but was punched in the face instead.  Angered, he ran to tell the class teacher about the fistfight.

Miss Gan came and scolded the boys.  She made them apologise to each other.  They promised her that they would not fight in class again but would they be able to keep their promise?



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