What would you like to invent?

By Kay (17 years old)

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In 1899, Mr. Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of the United States patent office stated, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.”  Looking back, Mr. Duell’s statement couldn’t possibly have been more wrong.  Whether it is through the clever recombination of existing ideas or utilising the latest technologies to explore concepts once thought impossible, modern society continues to create and innovate.

When one thinks about different technological possibilities, one merely has to pick up a science fiction novel to see the fascination society has with technology.  Our flights of fancy quite frequently manifest themselves in some form of technological devices and gadgetry that simplify or improve our lives.  What’s more, inventors are sometimes motivated by the need to bring forth the unique vision they imagined while reading about futuristic innovations.

One such example from recent history would be the Saturn V rocket developed in the 1960s for reaching out to the moon. If one examines the works of Jules Verne, similarities can be found between what was written and what became reality in the space programme. For that matter, several engineers involved with the development of the Saturn V booster implied they had been deeply influenced and motivated by science fiction writings such as those of Jules Verne.

As one can see, the ability to travel not only further, but faster is something many inventors focus upon.  I, for one, have thought about inventing a machine that could transport people from place to place at incredible speeds compared to today’s transportation vehicles.  To give it a name, let’s call this hypothetical machine the “Instant Transfer Machine” (ITM).  Imagine if you will, a machine that could travel around the world in no less than 24 hours, yet still be manageable within a cosmopolitan area for rapid movement.

Its usefulness for the elderly, businesspeople and even the daily commuter would be invaluable.  Large enough to seat six people, it is still small enough to be used by individuals making it quite versatile.  And talk about easy on fuel costs.  Powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the ITM is not only ecologically friendly in byproducts produced, but it uses one of the most abundant and accessible elements available throughout the universe.

Simplicity of operational controls is another aspect the ITM would excel at.  There is no need for numerous complex gauges and adjustment controls.  Instead, a touch keypad would be used to enter GPS coordinates of the desired destination.  Once entered, the on-board computer would calculate the safest and quickest route to arrive at the destination with no other intervention required by the passengers.

The usefulness of such a machine would be quite handy.  At times, I have a strong desire to taste the delectable dishes my grandmother lovingly cooks, but living far away makes it difficult for me to travel to her as she lives in South Korea.  With the ITM, it would become a simple matter to find my way to her kitchen and smell those delicious meals simmering away on the stove.

All in all, this novel transportation device would be a dream come true.  Tedious commutes would become a thing of the past, allowing more free time to enjoy life to its fullest.  Soon, everyone will know the greatness of the Instant Transfer Machine.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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