What would you like to invent?

By TC (12 years old)

Image credit: thedukewanstead.com


What would I like to invent? That is an easy question! I love food especially junk food so, my invention would naturally be a food grabber.

The gadget is shaped like an iPad, attached to a mechanical cord with an artificial hand to grab food with. The grabbing hand looks real but is so flexible that it can stretch like Elastigirl. It is as light as a feather but has the strength of an elephant to carry enough food should I desire to hold a kingly banquet.

This food grabber of mine is voice activated and very efficient. I need only voice out my choice of food and the grabbing hand will stretch to reach any part of the world to find it within seconds. This handy invention will save time, energy and money to source for food. My mother has to drive to the wet market and supermarkets to buy food for our family of five. With my food grabber, we simply sit down at the dining table and start ordering our favourite cuisines without any fuss.

It certainly would  have saved Mr Mustafa Azim, an England football fan a lot of money. He ordered a 12-person delivery of Indian curry from England to Brazil at a cost of £4200 (RM23,100), broken down as follows: £1200 for the curry, £1800 for the flight to Brazil, £1000 for a chartered flight to Shoreham to collect the take-away, £100 landing and parking charges and £100 for the taxi to the hotel.

There is no other invention that is better than a food grabber. Trust me on this. Food is an essential item for all human beings in order to remain alive and we spend so much time and energy to prepare or cook a dish. With my food grabber, you can do away with all the hassle.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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