How Kids Are Raised in the Malaysian Modern Family

Recently, TC had to present her maiden speech on any topic regarding family. For those in a similar position and are not sure what do, it is best to make a speech short and give it a light touch rather than write a lengthy speech or weigh it down with solemnness.  Nobody wants to listen to a long boring talk.  At best your audience will grit their teeth and sit through the entire presentation.  At worse, they will up and leave.

How Kids Are Raised in the Malaysian Modern Family

By TC (12 years old) 



Long ago in China, our forefathers used to have many wives and were they content with those wives? Nope, they weren’t. In fact they went gathering more women and thus concubines joined the family. So you have it – one man, many women and they begot hundreds of kids. So it was a big family unit back then in those days.

Today, the family unit has metamorphosed into a nuclear unit which means one man, one woman and one kid or the most two to three kids. If there are five children or more, you will hear people remarking, “Wah! So many kids.”

The point is we are very lucky to be in a nuclear unit because we don’t have to compete for attention, food or possessions. I only have two sisters and we quarrelled often enough. I really can’t imagine having to quarrel with a hundred siblings!

There is so much to talk about when it comes to family. Instead of overworking my limited working brain cells and thus cause a brain damage, I will just zero in to the topic, How Kids Are Raised in the Modern Malaysian Family.

Today kids have it good, so much so that we don’t have to lift a finger to do any house chores.  Our parents are so protective of their limited editions that we only need to breathe, sleep, eat and study. They employ maids to take care of the house chores or work themselves haggard if there is no maidservant. Kids in the olden days were created to work in the house and on the farmland. So yes, kids today – that are you and I have it real good!

Our parents (God bless them), do not impart common sense to us. Since they arrange every single thing for us, we kids are not required to think or solve problems. It has become an epidemic of kids shrugging their shoulders and saying, “I don’t know.” Once a teacher in class declared, “Use your common sense!” A classmate put up his hand and asked, “Teacher, what is common sense?”

We are becoming very assertive.  Meaning we are very good at speaking up and answering back at our parents. In the early days, children were seen but not heard. In other words, they had to be real quiet.  Thank God that things have changed. We 21st century kids are getting louder. In fact, our octave is so loud now that we scream at our parents to make known our desires or displeasure. My grandparents told me that it used to be the other way round –  parents did the yelling.

Children have certainly transformed over the last few generations.  Whether the transformation is good or bad, I leave it to you to work it out but we are a generation of youngsters born with a silver spoon.  We are not required to cultivate good sense to think, solve problems or to lift a finger to help our parents to do chores.  Life is good… so, so good!


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