A Kind Boy

A picture-guided composition about helping a blind man crossing the road by Hui Ying, Kimberly and Dexter.


Image credit: scientificamerican.com


By Hui Ying (8 years old)

Tom needed to go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables for his mother.  While he was about to cross the road, he saw a blind man.  The man was holding a cane in his hand.

Tom walked up to the blind man and helped him cross the busy road.  After reaching the other side, the blind man thanked Tom gratefully.

Tom continued his way home and told his parents about his good deed.  They praised him and said he was a helpful boy.  Tom felt very pleased with himself.



By Kimberly (8 years old)

Albert looked out of the window and saw an old man standing by the roadside.  He appeared to be blind as he was wearing a pair of sunglasses and had a cane in his hand.  He wished to cross the busy road but was standing helplessly by the sidewalk as the vehicles zoomed past while the other pedestrians came and went.

Albert decided to help the elderly man.  So, he went out of his house and walked up to the blind man.  “Good morning, sir!  Shall I help you cross the road?” he asked.  The old man nodded his head.

Albert waited for the road to clear before taking the man’s arm and led him across the road.  When they reached the other side, the blind man thanked Albert gratefully.  Albert felt very happy that he could help somebody that day.  He felt useful.


By Dexter (9 years old)

David was walking home from school.  He soon came to stand before a zebra-crossing.

A blind man was standing by the curb of the road.  He was waiting to cross the busy road, so he was listening intently for the  vehicles to stop.

David remembered what he had just learnt in the Moral class that morning.  “You must help people in need,” his teacher said.  “There are many ways of helping people.  You can help your friend up if he falls down or you can lead a blind person across a busy road.”

“This is my opportunity to practise what I have learnt!” thought David.  So, he approached the blind man and asked whether he could help him across the road.  When the man nodded in agreement, David took his arm and together, they crossed the road safely.

David liked being a good Samaritan.  He decided to perform a kind deed each day.  It made his parents very proud.



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