Air Crash

By Samantha (12 years old)

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Katniss looked out of her window just in time to see a lightning bolt strike the wing.  It instantly caught fire.  She pinched herself to see whether she was dreaming.  She blinked several times in hopes that her eyes were playing tricks on her.  No such luck.

The captain’s voice came over the in-flight PA system grave like a judge’s.  He announced that the plane had developed an emergency situation and they had to prepare for a crash landing but everyone must remain calm and not panick.  Stay calm?  Not panick?  How was that possible in the face of what was about to happen?

A few lady passengers began to scream.  Their screams unnerved the little children and they joined in the bedlam with their wailing.  The scenario was chaotic to say the least.

The aircraft was descending rapidly at this point.  Katniss was starting to hyperventilate as the plane spiralled out of control.  She tried to breathe normally.  Oxygen masks dangled from the overhead compartments and she quickly pulled hers towards her face.

She looked to her right.  The passenger next to her had fainted. She imagined the worst possibilities that could happen to her.  She closed her eyes to force back the scalding tears.  Crying would not help, she told herself sternly.   She must face her fate with strength and courage.

Everyone shrieked as the plane nose-dived into the canopy of the forest.  Katniss knew she was going to die.  It wasn’t fair.  She was too young to die; she did not deserve to die, she thought just before the world went completely dark.



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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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