Doctor for the Animals

By Dexter T. (9 years old)

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When we feel under the weather, we see a doctor.  A sick or injured animal also needs treatment to get well again but they don’t visit a doctor.  Their owners bring them to a veterinarian instead.  A veterinarian is an animal doctor.

A vet examines and treats the sick animals gently and carefully.  He treats all kinds of animals and gives an animal an x-ray if it is required.

A vet sometimes performs surgery for a very sick animal.  Like any surgeon performing surgery, the vet needs assistants to help him in the operating room.  He then bandages the animal’s wound.  If an animal cannot be moved after the operation, it has to stay at the clinic for a few days to recover.

My grandfather was admitted to the hospital last year.  He could not wait to go home.  Do you think animals are like us humans who prefer home to hospital?


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