How to make an English teacher pull her hair out

Being an English teacher in any Malaysian school these days is not an easy task.  When she has to grade an essay like the one below, she probably resorts to some serious hair-pulling.  Hopefully, she doesn’t acquire trichotillomania in the process.

I fear to do the maths.  If a teacher teaches 6 classes of 40 students each, the total number of essays to grade is 240.  I can only pray she doesn’t get too many essays like this one by a 14-year-old.

Any native English speaker will probably shake his head when he reads such a composition.  I did and several strands of hair are now missing from my greying crown (and English is not even my mother tongue).  I was totally astounded that the student did not even get a sentence correct.  But then again, if I am asked to write a Chinese or Malay essay, I would probably do worse than my student.


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Mary is a aunt that are my neighbour.  she a kind person that who likes to gardening.  she flowering her plants and blooming her plants everyday.  Actually, she didn’t know that what she do is wrong because it will cause mosquitoes on the flower pot.

Unfortunately, a day on the december.  Suddenly, she felt discomfort when she been warded into the hospital.  the doctor said she have been succumb by the dessease call denggi fever.  And the denggi fever cost Aedes mosquitoes.

The next day, the health care centre know about the news, they called exterminator to checked out aunt Mary’s house and exterminate the mosquitoes.  But actually that is useless, the few hour ago the mosquitoes will came back.  When they done their work, they visited aunt Mary for vigilant of mosquitoes.

One day, aunt Mary has been held out of the hospital, she will be heeded of the mosquitoes and keep her house didn’t have any water in the plant and keep the drain clean and fast water.  I blessed that aunt Mary will be more comfortable and healthy.


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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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3 Responses to How to make an English teacher pull her hair out

  1. daleharkness says:

    After shaking his head, a native English speaker would then take some aspirin to stop the pounding headache. 😀 It’s a good thing some of the English teachers in Malaysia are patient.

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