The Hungry Wolf

A picture-guided essay by Dexter T. (9 years old)

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Willy Wolf was feeling very, very hungry.  He was totally famished because he had not eaten for days.  So, he trotted out of the forest, heading for the nearest farm.

Much to his delight, he saw three sheep in a pen.  His eyes immediately brightened.  “Ho ho!  What do we have here?  Three plump sheep.  What a nice meal they will make,” he smacked his lips in great anticipation as saliva dripped from his mouth.

The three sheep upon seeing Willy Wolf, bleated loudly in terror.  They ran wildly in different directions, hoping to escape the ravenous wolf.  Farmer John was having a cup of tea with his wife in the kitchen when he heard the sheep bleating.  He ran out of his cottage to investigate the racket.

Willy Wolf was just about to sink his fangs into a terrified sheep.  Farmer John quickly grabbed a long sturdy pole and gave Willy Wolf a few good whacks.  “How dare you mess with me and my sheep, you rascal!” he cried angrily at the wolf.  Howling in pain, Willy Wolf took to his heels and swore never to go near Farmer John’s farm again.  And he never did, up to this very day.



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