Children should not begin school until they are six. Do you agree? Why?

By Brenda H. (14 years old)

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3-year-old Bosco hard at work.


Many folks think that children should not begin school until they are six years old.  Instead, they think young children should enjoy their time playing and be the little tots they are supposed to be. “Playing makes their brains adaptable,” they opined. A persuasive argument indeed, but do I agree that children should not begin school until they are six years old?

No, absolutely not.  I strongly believe the earlier children start schooling, the better it is for them.  Personally, I learnt Chinese from a private tutor when I was four years old.  By the time I was in Primary One, I could outperform all my classmates in the subject.  The opposite could be said of my English.

In fact, I still struggle greatly in all aspects of the English language.  I can’t read fluently as I always pronounce the words wrongly.  This makes me so self-conscious that I seldom want to converse in English. I truly envy my peers who could speak flawless English.  To this day, I often wish my parents had engaged a private English instructor for me as soon as I was able to speak at two.

Early schooling also helps young children develop the necessary skills to have an early start towards achieving excellence in life.  Any type of learning stimulates a child’s brain functions and kindles his interest, allowing him to improve his thinking skills and ability to adapt to any kind of environment.  So, going to school early can assist a child to be adaptable and flexible too.

Young children certainly have much to gain and nothing to lose when they begin school before age six.  Should they start school late, they might not be able to catch up with their peers when they are in primary school.  When you could have a bright child who is capable of not only good verbal skills but also equally good at reading and handwriting at four years old, why opt for anything less?


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