Grandpa’s Orchard

In collaboration with SanYing (12 years old)

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The song “22” by Taylor Swift was playing on the car radio.  “Perfect!” my younger sister declared, and proceeded to sing, out of tune.  I sighed heavily and shook my head.  It was going to be a tedious ride to Grandpa’s orchard.

I couldn’t wait for the journey to end as the tone-deaf noise polluter continued to belt out her song.  “Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines.  It’s time…uh oh!  I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22. Everything will be alright…” she trilled while I groaned and sighed.

Imagine my relief when we finally arrived at Kampung Hongmoutan.  Gramps was already waiting for us.  As the car pulled into the driveway, I pushed open the door and ran up to him for a bear hug.  He turned his rosy cheek for a kiss, so I gave him a huge sloppy one.  He chuckled and walked over to my parents.

While Dad and Mom went into the farmhouse in search of Grandma, we trailed after Gramps.  He disappeared into the shed and when he reappeared, there were two long sturdy poles in his hands.  “Let’s go pluck some rambutans, shall we?” he said with a merry twinkle in his eyes.  I simply adored Grandpa’s smiling eyes. I told myself that when I grow up, I would marry a man with smiling eyes just like Grandpa’s.

It was the rambutan season.  The fruit were ripening on the trees and the vibrant array of green, yellow, orange and red made the orchard very colourful.  My mouth began to water at the marvelous sight. Gramps handed a pole each to my sister and me.  He then set about teaching us the art of plucking rambutans with poles.

It was fun really.  Before long, I had an entire basket full of ripe rambutans. After giving the pole to Gramps, I carried my bountiful harvest proudly into the house to show Grandma.  Everyone in the family knew that I loved rambutans to death, so they smiled indulgently as I plopped down on the swing and began to pig myself out.

The hours passed by quickly. Why was it that when one was having fun, the day always seemed to end quickly?  I hugged Grandpa tightly and promised to visit again soon.  I would be missing him and oh yes, the rambutans too.  We got into the car and drove off, leaving Gramps and Granny waving.

I leaned back in my seat and hummed along with One Direction in their song, “What Makes You Beautiful”. “Would you please shut up?  I want to sleep,” my sister complained crossly. Sorry, but it happened to be my favourite pop group singing on the radio.   What went around came around, baby sister!  And nothing would dampen the remainder of my evening, not you or your whining.


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