By Kenneth J. (14 years old)

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I have been attending tuition classes since I was seven.  I do not mind going for tuition because it actually helps me a lot. 

The dictionary defines tuition as “teaching or instruction that is especially received in a small group or individually”.   Students who need help or extra attention usually join a tuition centre or engage a private home tutor.

In my case, I cannot even write a sentence in English without making a mistake, so I require an English tutor in order to have personalised attention during a one on one session.  I wish to improve in all the components of the English language. A tutor such as my present one, Ms Katherine knows and understands my strengths and weaknesses in the English subject.

A tutor can also impart some general knowledge which we do not learn at school.  I remembered the occasion when Ms Katherine asked me where Switzerland was.  I had no clue, so I made a wild guess, “Australia.”  That of course, evoked a cry from the said teacher, “What?”

Although tuition helps me greatly in improving my grades in school, I personally believe that it is not necessary to attend enrichment classes for every subject because it requires a huge sum of money to pay the tuition fees.  We should choose the tuition centres or home tutors carefully so that it will not be a waste of our parents’ hard-earned money.


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