By Yoon Jee (12 years old)

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I hate tuition, really and truly hate it.  I sometimes think attending tuition classes is a dreary chore but there are times that it comes in useful.  Do I sound like a contradictory adolescent?  I bet I do but one thing for sure, going for a tuition lesson after school is very grueling.  I would prefer to take time out to recharge my batteries and relax but I don’t think my mother understands that.  She thinks I am a robot that is supposed to bend to her every whim and do what she wants.

We students have to sit down for hours at school to listen to teachers talk, scold and dispense tons of homework.  They make us hate learning the subjects because they teach in such a boring way that I often wish I was some place else.  But what does my mother do?  She makes my life a nightmare by insisting that I go for tuition which of course, is an exact replica of school.

Going to school is better than going to tuition centres.  At least I get to see my friends in school but not in tuition classes because Mom dislikes it when my friends are in the same tuition class.  She thinks I won’t study well with them around and all that we do is talk and play.  She prefers that I go for a 1 on 1 session whereby there is only the teacher and I.

Luckily, I don’t have to attend that many enrichment classes so I am bearing up gracefully.  I fervently hope that Mom will not take into her head to sign me up for more tuition classes but then again, she thinks I am poor at my studies, so I think she is going to make me busier than I already am.

I am helpless to do anything else except pray, so dear Lord, Mom just doesn’t understand that relaxation is key to maintaining positive physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Could you please, please put some sense into her?


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