By Eddison C. (14 years old)

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Tuition is a word that most students detest.  It strikes fear into the bravest of us.  Not many students would thank their parents for enrolling them in tuition centres even if a ‘VIP’ seat is reserved for them.

2012 was a stressful year.  I had to sit for UPSR that year.  My kiasu mother registered me for seven tuition classes, and after I flunked my Chinese paper during the first semester examinations, she immediately registered me for another three Chinese lessons with different Chinese teachers.  She was more determined than I to get straight As.

Could I say no?  Of course not!  So, I dragged my feet to Chinese Teacher No. 1.  She sounded like a mother hen, clucking to her chicks which happened to be us.  I did not understand what she was clucking about but what could I do except fake attentiveness when in fact, my mind was miles away from the classroom.

Chinese Teacher No. 2 was a nightmare.  If there were a “World’s Craziest Teacher” award, she would surely clinch the title hands down.  She forced us to memorise 200 words in a single day.  Memorise 200 words in a day?  Seriously? It was not humanly possible but I did it.  The incredible feat was accomplished within a month.  Well, not exactly up to Madam Dragon’s expectations but nonetheless, I was very pleased with myself.

Now Chinese Teacher No. 3 was an act of another kind.  She was dramatically or should I say, refreshingly different from the other two?  She used humorous stories to teach Chinese idioms and proverbs.  She never scolded or punished us.  Instead, she advised and guided the weaker students with patience and kindness.  Now that was an exemplary teacher.  How could I not but improve in my grades, which naturally resulted in me having a satisfied mother.

I have learnt that tuition is only beneficial if we get a good tutor.  Otherwise I would rather study on my own and perhaps achieve a better result.  So, Mom please, please conduct a thorough research on the tutors before enrolling me for any courses in the future.


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