By Duncan L. (12 years old)

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I have to go to different tuition classes for English, Mathematics, Bahasa Malaysia and Science.  I do not like going for tuition because the lessons are mostly boring.  All I do is study and write.

I attend some tuitions together with my sisters.  I dislike to be in the same class with them because they are very annoying.  The minute I step into the class, I cannot wait to finish the lesson and go home.  There was a Mathematics class I hated so much that that I rushed out of the door as soon as the dismissal bell rang.

Attending remedial classes is more tiring when it is a hot day, especially if the room is not air-conditioned.  It is very difficult to concentrate when one is sweating like a pig.

I think tuitions are like a living hell with different kinds of tortures every day.  There are always new concepts to learn and memorise, sums to solve, an essay to write and tons of homework to bring home.  I am always thinking why there is such a thing as tuition and why must I go there to be tormented.  Could it be due to the fact that my parents do not like to have me around, so they pack me off to tuition centres?

I am so fed up with having to go to tuition centres day after day, but I cannot say anything about it.  I wish I need only go to school and then have the remaining hours free to be my own boss, which I guess is when hell freezes over.


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