Dan the Deer

A picture-guided composition by Darren T. (12 years old)


Image credit: themaisonette.net


Dan the deer was always dreaming about living on a big farm and being fed with the choicest berries and grass every day.  He thought life was easy living on a farmstead.  He could make friends with the playful puppies and the docile lambs.

One day, he was trying to find food.  His search took him to a farm.  There was a buffalo resting in a shed munching hay.  Dan wanted to be in the buffalo’s shoe, eating what the farmer provided instead of having to look for his own meals.  So, he stayed close in vicinity to the farm.

The next day, he saw the buffalo working hard in the paddy field.  Dan knew that he was not as strong as the buffalo.  He most certainly did not want to take on the job of ploughing the mucky mud.

Later in the day, the buffalo was pulling a wagon of heavy load.  Dan saw the buffalo toiling under the scorching sun.  He immediately changed his mind about living on a farm.

He bounded back to the forest because he had finally realised that he was very lucky to live freely in the forest instead of being a slave to the farmer.  From that day onwards, he was contented with his lot in life.


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