By Esther L. (13 years old)

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Our modern competitive society has made it compulsory for the majority of the urban Malaysian students to attend several tuition classes after school and during weekends.  Most parents send their children to tuition classes to improve school grades and garner extra academic knowledge.  However, it begs the question; must a student go for tuition to achieve good grades and knowledge?

Not all children learn at the same pace.  Some pick up faster than others.  The high achievers would usually compete with peers at their level while the weaker learners need to strive harder to push for better scores.  Thus both groups are compelled to go for enrichment classes which have its fair share of pros and cons.

One pro of attending tuition is that one gets individual attention unlike in a public school whereby 50 other classmates vie for a single teacher’s attention.  In such a big group setting, timid students might not be as confident to clarify a point as in a smaller tuition class.

Moreover, teachers in school might not have time to explain a concept as they have to get on with their lesson and finish the syllabus on schedule whereas a private tutor can give a detailed explanation until a student fully understands.  Students also get to work on extra exercises depending on how productive and diligent he or she is.

Let’s move on to the cons.  Not all tuition teachers are qualified and reliable.  Some are too young and inexperienced in teaching therefore, wasting the students’ time and their parents’ hard-earned money.

On the other hand, students might become too dependent on the tutor, up to the extent of waiting to be spoon-fed with answers.  Or worse, the students might take on a lackadaisical attitude towards studying in school or doing self-study at home.

Personally, I think attending tuition is unnecessary and a waste of time and energy. We can achieve excellent results if we study diligently and do revisions daily.  Furthermore, the Internet is a rich source of information and it is free to all.  My fellow Malaysian friends, why throw away good money while we can simply do it on our own?


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