A Burglary

By Anderson C. (10 years old)

Image credit: shouselaw.com


I was watching television last Saturday night.  Feeling thirsty, I went to the kitchen to drink some water.  I happened to look out of the window and saw a silhouette of a man moving stealthily in my neighbour’s backyard.

I turned and looked at the wall clock.  It was well after midnight.  “Who on earth can it be at this late hour?”  I knew my neigbour well.  Mr. Chai and his family always turned in early at night.  “It must be a burglar,” I concluded.

Terrified, I rushed upstairs to wake my parents up.  When they awoke, I quickly told them about the suspicious fellow creeping about next door.  Just then, a sudden clang startled us into action.

Mother rushed to the telephone and called the police while Father and I grabbed the clubs by the door.  We rushed down the stairs and looked out of our kitchen window.  The burglar was getting away.  He had one leg over the fence and a big sack of loot was slung over his shoulder.

Fortunately, the police arrived at that moment.  They apprehended the thief before he could escape.  The stolen goods were returned to a very relieved Mr. and Mrs. Tan.


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