Children should not begin school until they are six years old. Do you agree? Why?

By Tze Chee (11 years old)

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3-year-old Bosco writing his numbers.

I totally agree that children should not begin school until they are six years old because  too much pressure is placed on them when they begin school at that young age.

Why jam so much knowledge into those poor little brains?  Do four- and five-year-olds really need to know that much?  Kindergarten operators are so competitive these days that they give monthly topical tests and compel pre-schoolers to sit for a spelling test every week.  Do they need to be placed in institutions where they have to memorise everything they learn?

The kids suffer further if their parents place high expectations on them to perform well.  Unnatural demands such as those from parents will inevitably cause the little ones to become overstressed or at worse damage their brains at such a tender age.

Parents should place more emphasis on character building rather than cultivate head knowledge by sending them to school.  The proverb says it well, “Train up the child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Once a child has the right attitude, he will succeed at everything he does.  What is the point of being a top student if the child has a lousy attitude and poor moral values?

Today’s children are lucky to be in a world of modern technology and gadgets like iPads, iPods, iPhones and computers.  We can interest the kids to play educational games to prepare them for school instead of making them start school at the age of four or five.

I was sent to school at the age of four and I hated it so much because I could not understand a thing the teachers were saying.  It was a waste of time, money and two years of tears.  So, why send kids to school before they are ready?  Let them enjoy their early childhood!


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