Going to School

Vanessa studies in a Chinese school and is only starting to learn to write essays in English.  Albeit the late start, she has done well with this picture guided essay.  Way to go, Vanessa!


By Vanessa T. (10 years old)


English: A 2010 Girardin MB-II school bus belo...

English: A 2010 Girardin MB-II school bus belonging to Boston Public Schools. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ali goes to school by bus.  The bus picks him up early in the morning.  He has to be ready for the bus at 6 a.m.  He finds it difficult to wake up some mornings.

Ali always sits with his best friend, Ahmad.  They live in the same neighbourhood and studies in the same class.  Ali takes the window seat and puts on his seat belt securely as the bus begins to move.

The bus comes to a stop at the school gate.  The children get off the bus and run into the school gate.  Ali usually reaches school by 6:30 a.m.  He is one of the earliest to arrive and likes to chat with his friends before lessons begin.



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