My Favourite Food

By San Ying (11 years old)

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Like everyone else, I have my own favourite food.  I am forever thinking of pies. When I am hungry, I think of eating pies and even when I am not that hungry, I dream about blueberry pies, apple pies, meat pies and of course, my favourite – pork pies.

The best pork pie comes from a bakery which opened its door since 1953 in Melton Mowbray – Mrs. King’s Pork Pies. My first encounter with Mrs. King’s Pork Pies was during my first trip to England with my family.  We were sightseeing in Melton Mowbray when I spotted a bakeshop selling pork pies.  Naturally, my eyes brightened and my lips curved up into a pleased smile.

It was crowded inside the bakery, so I reckoned the pies must be extremely delicious to attract that many customers. After much pleading with my weird mother, I eventually got my way.  She was weird because she did not like pork pies.  Could you imagine not liking pork pies?  I could just lose myself biting into those mouth-watering savoury delights.

As I stepped into the bakehouse, I took deep, appreciative sniffs of the most heavenly aroma and closed my eyes in sheer bliss.  Without further ado, I scurried over to join a queue of thirty people.  After patiently waiting for half an hour, I finally got to place my order of a dozen pork pies.  I could not wait to sink my teeth into those pies.

As soon as I had paid the smiling cashier, I quickly opened the box and took my first bite.  The crunch of the pie gave way to the delicately flavoured jelly, then the spicy and tender meat.  It was definitely the most divine taste in the whole wide world and well worth the long wait.  My pie-hating mother actually pigged herself out. I had made a convert of her and henceforth there would be no more hassle should I wish to buy pork pies.  What more could a girl want?

My delight knew no bounds when my father ordered another dozen pies for a takeaway. Oh happy day!  I gave Father a bear hug and a wet puppy kiss and took a page from my mother whenever she received nice presents from him.  So, I told him I love him lots and to eternity.  If that did not make him feel that the money was well-spent, nothing would.

Back now in Malaysia, I still yearn for Mrs King’s pork pies.  I often think how nice it would be if only wishes could come true.  Then all I have to do is just dream about pork pies and they would materialise out of thin air. “Dream on, you silly girl,” my pesky sisters would taunt.  Without a doubt, pork pies win hands down over irritating sisters.


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