What are the 7 Continents?

Image Credit: go.hrw.com


Teacher:  What are the seven continents of the world?

Mr 9A:  Uh?

Miss 7:  What’s that?

Mr 9B:  What is the meaning of ‘continent’?

Miss 8A:  I haven’t learnt it in school.

Miss 8B:  Let me think.

Miss 13:  I shall pass.

Mr 9C:  Mummy says when you don’t know something, keep quiet.

Mr 9D:  Mine says silence is golden.

Teacher:  Do you know, Miss 11, Mr 11 and Mr 14?

Miss 11:  I am not sure.

Mr 11:  I have never heard of continents before.

Mr 14:   I don’t know.

Mr 8:  Teacher, I know.  Desert!

Well Malaysia, looks like not only do our youngsters have a poor grasp of the English language, they don’t know much about Geography too.  Perhaps it’s time to do something concrete, practical and effective to revamp the school educational system but please don’t misuse the country’s finances.   When RM270 million is spent on something, I expect results and I am sure every ethical Malaysian feels the same.



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