The Life of a Fisherman

By Brandon L. (13 years old)

Fisherman and his catch, Seychelles. The fishe...

Fisherman and his catch, Seychelles. The fishes in this catch, including small sharks, were hooked on hand lines many miles off shore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pak Hassan and his wife, Mak Minah wake up early every morning.  Mak Minah prepares a hearty breakfast for her husband.  After taking his morning meal, Pak Hassan goes out to sea in his boat.

When he is some distance away from the shore, Pak Hassan casts his fishing nets into the water and waits patiently.  He usually has a good catch.  He is always happy to see a lot of fish and shrimp in the nets.  He removes the fish and shrimp from the nets and transfers them into a big box that is packed with ice.

There are times when the fishing nets are empty but Pak Hassan does not get angry.  He says it is Allah’s will when to give him a bountiful catch.

Pak Hassan does not go out to sea during the monsoon season because the water is choppy.  The stormy weather is too dangerous for small fishing boats.  So, he stays home to mend his fishing nets and spends time with his young family.


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