By Anderson C. (10 years old)


A pretty robin
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Birds are flying creatures which are found all over the world.  There are many species of birds on planet Earth.  Eagles, pigeons, robins and swallows are just some examples.

Birds have light feathers to help them fly but not all birds can fly.  Ducks, chickens, turkeys, ostriches and penguins cannot fly because they are too heavy to do so.  Dodo birds perished a long time ago because they were not able to fly to escape from their enemies.

Most birds live on trees.  They build their nests high up in the trees to keep their eggs and nestlings safe from predators.  The size of an egg varies according to different kinds of birds.  For example, a hen’s egg is the size of a young child’s fist whereas an ostrich’s egg is almost the size of a rugby ball.

Some birds are very colourful.  Parrots and peacocks are the most beautiful and colourful species. The peacocks are considered vain as they are always spreading their tails to show them off.  Personally, I think the parrots get away with their cheekiness because everyone loves their good looks.

Some folks watch birds as a hobby.  They are known as bird watchers.  The more time bird watchers spend observing the birds, the more they learn about their feathered friends’ behaviours and characteristics.  Watching birds can be entertaining and it also provides bird watchers with lots of knowledge.  I love birds, so I think I want to become an ornithologist when I grow up.


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