By Samantha W.  (11 years old)

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As a result of flunking my English and Malay papers, I have to attend private tuition for the two subjects.  I know going for tuition is for my own good but that does not mean I have to love it. Who on earth is able to memorise the meanings of 100 Malay words in one week?  It simply drives me crazy to have to cramp that many words in my head in such a short time.

When my mother announced that she had found a new private English tutor for me, I was not very pleased.  However after a few weeks, I could not help but enjoy myself when the tutor made the lessons interesting and educational.  Now I am always looking forward to the next class. The same goes for my Malay tuition class when I had successfully conquered and mastered the list of 100 Malay words.

My Chinese tuition is fun. The students get to play games for the first 40 minutes while the remaining 20 minutes are dedicated to real work. Although the lessons are entertaining, I doubt it will help me improve much in the language.

Granted that enrichment classes are useful and beneficial, life is nothing but monotonous if I have to go to the tuition centre five days a week during school holidays.  Gone were the days where kids were allowed leisure time to do their own stuffs.  Sadly, I represent the modern-day breed of students who need to enlist the aid of private language instructors to push up my school grades.  Sigh!



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