In collaboration with San Ying (11 years old)

Photo credit: abimonroe.blogspot.com


People have different opinions of pigs.  For most, they will likely wrinkle their nose to show aversion.  For Lola, she thought that pigs were cute creatures because she grew up watching “Winnie the Pooh”.  In fact, Piglet was her favourite character in the entire cartoon.

Lola never saw a real pig until she went on a kindergarten field trip to a pig farm.  She was happy as a lark, eagerly looking forward to the outing when the class teacher made the announcement. For weeks, all she could talk about was the imminent jaunt to see the piggies.

When she and her classmates finally had the opportunity to step into a pig sty, what a sight greeted them.  The pigs were covered in dirt and their own excrement although the farmer had given them a shower that morning. Moreover, the place stunk to high heavens.  Everyone had several tissue papers covering their noses but it did not reduce the malodour.

Lola stared at the pigs in astonishment.  Even the piglets did not look anything close to her cute Piglet. The ones in the pen looked downright ugly with their big snouts. They even moved differently. The real pigs waddled like an oversized duck and lolled about like the sloths they were, quite unlike the nimble and hyperactive Piglet as shown in the cartoon.

Braving the stench, Lola attempted to take a few photographs of the filthy fat animals with her handphone but she slipped and fell headlong into a mud puddle. Poor Lola. She looked like one of the pigs.  All her friends burst into merry laughter while she was fuming mad. Even the pigs seemed to be squealing in unholy glee.

From that moment onward, Lola hated pigs. The minute she reached home, she gathered all her piglets and dumped them into the trash can.  She even swore off eating pork for the rest of her life, much to the puzzlement of her family.  However, all those measures did not stop her classmates from teasing her to no end whenever pigs were mentioned in class, much to her disgust.


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