By Kimberly C. (7 years old)


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Trees are tall plants with a trunk and lots of leaves on top.  The leaves make a beautiful crown for a tree.  Tree roots grow deep into the ground so that they stand tall and proud.  Every year, a ring grows in the trunk so we can tell how old the tree is by counting the rings.

Trees are very useful to humans.  Not only do they give shade, they also provide us with food.  Some trees bear fruit, so we call them fruit trees.  We enjoy many local fruits in Malaysia like durians, rambutans, guavas, jackfruit, bananas, papayas and coconuts.  Some tree leaves or barks can be made into good medicines, herbal teas or tonics.

People cut down trees for wood and other uses.  We use wood to make furniture, doors, houses and bridges.  We must now protect our trees because our forests are disappearing at a very fast rate.  Soon, we would no longer have any trees left if we do not stop chopping them down.


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