Big Bad Bear Becomes Good

A picture guided composition by Ethan W. (9 years old)

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Everybody was afraid of Big Bad Bear for he was very strong and fierce.  He growled at everyone.  He had sharp claws and wicked-looking fangs that could easily tear an animal apart.  So, all the other animals ran away as fast as they could whenever they meet him.

However, Big Bad Bear was a sad bear.  He did not have any friends at all.  One day, he was sitting by all alone by himself under a tree. He felt very, very lonely and miserable.  He wished he had friends and so he decided to be nice to the other animals.

The next day, he was a different bear.  He became very friendly.  Nobody was afraid of him anymore.  He made lots of friends and was good to everyone.  He became a very popular bear so he changed his name to Big Good Bear.

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