By Ethan W. (9 years old)

Photo credit: ohndavidmann.com


Swordfish also known as broadbills, are found in oceans all over the world.  They can swim very fast and glide powerfully through the air.  They have a very long, sharp bill that looks and functions like a sword.  They use their long, sharp bills to attack and capture prey.

A long time ago, shoals of swordfish attacked and killed the people living on the island of Tamasek.  A very clever Malay boy, Hang Nadim advised the Maharaja to plant rows of banana stems along the beach.  Mistaking the banana stems for humans, the swordfish glided through the air and pierced their bills through them.  Once their snouts were firmly stuck in the human decoys, the villagers killed all the swordfish.

A swordfish does not have scales so its body is smooth.  It has big eyes and a crescent-shaped tail.  Although it doesn’t have teeth, it is carnivorous.  It eats squids, octopuses, tuna fish and all kinds of other fishes.  It is a big fish and may weigh well over 1,000 pounds.


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