Smiley Snail

By Danielle W.  (7 years old)

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Smiley Snail is a happy snail because he always has a big smile on his face.  Everybody in his neighbourhood likes him because he is such a friendly and polite fellow.

Smiley crawls to the park every evening.  He is very slow because he has to carry a big shell on his back but he doesn’t mind being slow because there are lots of trees to give him shade.  Every now and then he stops to breathe in the sweet scent of the blooming flowers.

On the way, he meets his friend, Pokey Porcupine.  Pokey and Smiley are best friends with each other. Pokey has a lot of spikes on his back but Smiley is not afraid of getting injured by Pokey’s sharp needles because his shell protects him from getting poked.

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When they arrive at the park, they go straight to the slide.  They have great fun rolling down the slide.  Smiley leaves a slimy trail behind him and Pokey thinks it is easier to slide down the slippery slide. Their merry laughter rings out loudly and it makes everyone else laugh too.  Smiley Snail is very glad to play with his best friend every evening.


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