Climbing the Rambutan Tree

By Danielle W (7 years old)

Photo credit:


Ethan climbs up a rambutan tree.  He wants to pluck a bunch of ripe rambutans.  The rambutan tree is very colourful with green, yellow, orange and red fruit.

Ethan can’t wait to eat the rambutans.  He is already drooling.  He climbs high up the tree to reach the ripe fruit.  He laughs happily after plucking a bunch of beautiful red rambutans.  With his hands full, he can’t climb very well.

So, he falls and hurts his elbow very badly.  He cries so loudly that his father hears him.   Mr Wan runs quickly to help his son.  He has to send Ethan to the hospital.  The doctor says Ethan has broken his arm.  Poor Ethan.  He has to wear a cast for several weeks.


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