By HB (16 years old)

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“Jack! Come here right now!” his mother hollered. She shook her head angrily as she looked at the incredible mess in her son’s room. “I told you to clean it up before noon!” she thundered, pointing furiously at the chaotic mess on the floor.

Disgruntled, Jack trudged sullenly towards his room. “But, Mom…” he started to protest but was soon cut off by his mother’s endless lecture. As he listened grudgingly to her, he began to pity himself for having a mother so obsessed in orderliness. “Why can’t she just leave me and my room alone?  Why does she have to be so fanatical about cleanliness?” he wondered.

Jack hated doing house chores. Sighing heavily, he began to tidy up his cluttered room. A cloud of dust rose whenever he picked up a piece of dirty laundry lying on the floor. Soon, the room was engulfed in dust. Realising he had to get rid of the tremendous amount of dust, he brought a vacuum cleaner into the room and began to vacuum the floor. Before long, the floor was as clean as a new pin but his job was far from done.

His mother had told him to clean the grimy toilet too. Armed with a pair of red rubber gloves, a toilet bowl brush, a floor brush and a bottle of cleaning detergent, he marched into the toilet. After squeezing some detergent into the toilet bowl, he bent to scrub it with the toilet brush. He straightened up to flush the toilet bowl and the brownish grime was washed away with it.

Next, he poured a generous amount of detergent onto the floor and began to scrub the floor with relish. The layers of filth and mould came off quickly. He then turned on the shower and sprayed water at the soapy floor. The floor was soon shiny and his lips curved up in a pleased smile.

His last chore was to hang the clean laundry up to dry. Taking out the clothes from the washing machine, he put them into a basket and carried the heavy basket towards the drying rack.  He put it down on the floor with a loud thud. After hanging the clothes on hangers, he hooked them onto the drying rack. It took him more than twenty minutes to finish his task.

With his work completed, Jack grinned like a Chesire cat as he sat down on the sofa with a can of cola. He was astounded to realise that he was actually pleased with the completion of his onerous tasks. His pleasure spilled over when his mother complimented him on his diligence. House chores were not that bad after all.


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