An Evening of a Cat’s Life

By HB (16 years old)

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The silvery crescent moon glowed in the night sky together with hundreds of twinkling stars. Down below, the fallen leaves rustled while the tall grass swayed as the cool breeze blew softly across the field.

Awaking from my deep slumber, I yawned sleepily and stretched my body.  I rose up from my temporary resting place and began to roam around the meadow aimlessly for I could never stay in a specific spot for long.  Being a wildcat, I hadn’t the luxury of having a permanent abode.

The male crickets were at their chirping duel, each one trying to outdo the other to lure the fairer sex.  I sat down on the dry leaves to listen to their symphony.  Meanwhile, the frog’s croaking added more melody to the on-going tune. The katydids began to chirp merrily as they joined in the chorus. One by one, the other insects slowly joined in the song. Perhaps I should join in the fun and gave a caterwaul or two but I would hate to break up the merry band.

Deciding to leave the insects to their boisterous revelry, I sprang up and moved across the meadow.  In the far distance, I could see a small stream running through the field. Hundreds of fireflies flew above the water. Mesmerised by their beauty, I decided to stroll towards the stream to get a better view.

A wild rat sat a few yards away, quietly gnawing on a sheaf of grains.  I crept noiselessly towards him. To my delight, he did not seem to notice me moving stealthily among the tall grass.  When I was within striking distance, I pounced on him, smacking my lips in eager anticipation of a good meal.

The devious rat scampered away just before I landed on the ground. I chased him but to no avail. Upset, I licked my paws in great disappointment as he fled into the dark. Sighing heavily, I resumed my journey across the field.

An ocelot was staring in my direction from 50 metres away; its eyes glowed fiercely in the dark.  My whiskers stood on end as it prowled towards me.  I had always kept away from this ferocious creature for it would fight to death in combat. Not wanting trouble, I quickened my pace to get away from his turf.

It took me a few minutes before I reached my destination. The babbling brook welcomed me.  Its bubbly and gurgling tune soothed my earlier frustration. Looking up, I saw the fireflies flitting gracefully in the air so I lay down on the soft grass to appreciate their flawless dance.

So engrossed was I that I did not realise dawn was approaching until the fireflies started to fade away. Before long, there were no more fireflies in sight.  Lying flat on the ground, I watched the sun rise in the horizon.   A new day had dawned.




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Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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