Teachers, Good or Bad

By HB (16 years old)

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By the time he reaches 16, the average Malaysian student would have studied under the expert guidance of about 50 different teachers. Many of these teachers would soon fade into obscurity as the student gets older while those teachers that are remembered are either looked upon with great love and respect or disdain. As a Malaysian student, I had my fair share of both good and bad teachers.

Mr Ivan, for instance, is an excellent teacher. He does not allow students to slack in his class. Although he rarely allows students to fool around during class, he is always friendly. Even if we make him angry, he never shouts at us. He always maintains his cool thus earning his nickname, “Mr Cool Cucumber”.

Mr Ivan always tries to keep his lessons fun and interesting. He makes funny jokes that make us roar with laughter. He sometimes acts like an army general and bellows out commands at us. We always carry out his orders like brave cadets. Nobody ever gets bored as he is good at keeping us on our toes.

On the other hand, there was Mr Sam, an easy-going teacher. He was our ICT teacher last year and taught us for a short while. All of us immediately knew that he was an incompetent teacher from day one. He did not really care about his students. We had so many free periods and many of us played computer games on our mobile phones and iPads. It would appear that Mr Sam was only interested in collecting his pay check at the end of each month.

So what makes a good teacher? A good teacher is able to hold his or her students’ attention during class and motivate them to learn. Inspiring students and instilling a love for study with a joke, a smile and a firm hand are the trademarks of an excellent teacher. Therefore, in my opinion, a good teacher is a committed instructor who teaches his charges sincerely and cares not only about their intellectual growth but also their emotional well-being.


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