My Ambition

By ST (14 years old)


I aspire to be a successful world class chef because I love to cook.  I want to be a chef that is highly skilled and creative enough to turn delicious meals into artistic presentations.

To become a successful chef, I must have years of hands-on experience and formal training, so I will make certain that I possess the education, experience and skills necessary for my certification as a chef.

In order to have an early start to my dream career, I am going to work as a part-time apprentice in a restaurant when I am in high school.  Being an intern will help me learn what it is like to be on my feet for long hours as the profession I choose requires lengthy working hours.  As I develop and eventually excel in my culinary skills, I can advance up the culinary ladder in a larger restaurant by becoming a line chef, a sous-chef, a head chef, an executive chef and finally, a master chef.

I shall also take up appropriate business courses because I would like to open my own restaurant specialising in western food.  However, I shall probably go to France for a short working stint first because the best fine dining can only be found there.

My restaurant will have a romantic ambience that encourages relaxed conversations and the enjoyment of food and wine. It will have special rooms for couples and families, and is still open for business when other restaurants close for respite.

Eating out is expensive, so patrons will want a good experience.  My team of staff will be properly trained to provide the best service in town to attract diners to repeatedly return to patronise my restaurant.

Envisioning my ambition only makes me more determined to achieve my goals.  Wish me luck!


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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