My Ambition

By HB (16 years old)

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When I was a little boy, all I wanted was to be a fireman. I thought firefighters looked absolutely grand in their uniforms and that they were extremely heroic to brave raging fires to save lives and buildings.

However, I eventually changed my mind about becoming a fireman when I was eleven because reading became my favourite hobby that year. I encountered countless exciting adventures and dangers through my storybooks.  Visiting faraway lands and enchanted places, I learnt about magic, fairies, elves, goblins, giants, fire-breathing dragons, unicorns, witches and wizards.

So caught up was I in the delightful world of make-believe that I even made an attempt to write a short story.  My dream of becoming a firefighter slowly died as the aspiration of becoming an author supplanted it.

When I turned thirteen, I realised that pursuing a writing career was inapproriate.  I had no real talent in writing.  With no specific ambition, I glided through 15 months of life without any specific goal in mind.

During my second year in Malaysia, my mom came to Malaysia to take care of me while my guardians were on furlough in South Korea for a year.  Mom began to ask me about my ambition. I could not answer the question at first. However, when she persisted in asking the same question every day, I started to seriously consider my future.

She opined that my future career had to be something that I liked to do and what I was talented at.  Other people had also mentioned the same sentiment to me.  In reality, it was exceptionally hard to find a career that I liked and was good at. As a matter of fact, I was clueless what I really liked to do then.

I began to ponder on the things that I loved to do and realised that I loved to solve Mathematical problems. I contemplated about being an engineer but quickly dismissed the possibility even though I wanted a worthy job.  “Policeman?” I asked myself although I knew in my heart that it did not suit me. I did some brainstorming for a long time until I reached my final conclusion; I wanted to become a pastor.

Being a pastor is a fulfilling job as the duty of the pastor is to save people spiritually.  I strongly believe in edifying and helping people to overcome difficult circumstances. Hence, I was very pleased to have arrived at such a vocation.  So, I proudly told my mom about my decision, fully expecting that she would approve. However, I was extremely disappointed when she told me that pastoring might not be my cup of tea. She urged me to consider other careers instead. Disheartened, I dismissed my fleeting dream of becoming a preacher.

I am currently thinking of becoming an engineer who supports the work of pastors in the mission field. That way, I shall have a job that is both fulfilling and talented at.  I am not sure whether it will be my real career in the future but at least I have a purpose to hold on to for the time being.


About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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