A Nightmare

By HB (16 years old)

Photo credit: redbubble.com


Ominous clouds covered the crescent moon and not a single star was visible in the dim lit sky. Only the rustling of grass filled the silent field as the icy wind blew.

Regis traipsed through the field, wondering where he was. No one was in sight on this deserted night.  Suddenly, the freezing wind gusted, forcing him to tighten his grip on his worn jacket. He looked around, hoping to find shelter from the chilly wind. To his relief, he spotted a small hut in the distance.

He shivered as the wind picked up and lashed at him.  His fingers were turning blue and his teeth chattered violently. Feeling his whole body turning numb, he quickened his steps towards the shack.

He neither noticed the filthy, shaky wooden floor nor the tottering wall when he entered the hut for he was too cold to observe his surroundings. It was some time minutes later before he became aware of the holes in the floor and the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Several mice scampered around him. Disgusted, he turned his gaze towards the window.

A blinding bolt of lightning suddenly flashed across the sky, followed by the deafening thunder. The momentary light was enough for Regis to notice a blurry white figure 30 metres away from his shelter. It did not have any features except for an evil smiling mouth in its huge face. To his horror, the creepy specter started to float nearer to the hut.

Time ticked by slowly. As he nervously watched the mysterious apparition through the broken glass pane, he began to chew on his fingernails. He did not dare to make any noise as he was afraid that the ghost might hear him.

His trepidation intensified when he felt something crawling up his leg. Looking down, he saw an enormous hairy spider. He gasped so loudly that he gave himself a startle. Unfortunately, the faceless phantom heard his sharp intake of breath. Turning its head slowly towards Regis, it floated closer.

Regis turned several shades paler as the ghost passed through the wall. He started to crawl backwards but his path was soon cut off by the wall. The fearsome creature was soon right in front of him, smiling sinisterly.

Fear completely overwhelmed him. He shuddered violently as his heart pounded against his ribs. He tried to scream but no words came out from his trembling mouth. Shutting his eyes tightly, he waited for death to come upon him. “Please let it be quick and clean,” he muttered to himself.

After an incredibly long time, he opened his eyes slowly and saw that the phantom was gone. In fact, he found himself in a totally different place. The surroundings looked familiar.  He soon realised that he was in his bedroom and crouching against the headboard. It was just a nightmare after all.



About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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