A Bad Dream

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I could feel the chilly night wind blowing through the tiny gap in the window.  Pulling my blanket more tightly around my body, I continued to read my ghost story.  The suspense of the plot made me shiver with eager anticipation.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages even though it was well after midnight.  I simply had to know the outcome of the story.

Tap! Tap!  Someone was knocking on my window pane.  With my concentration broken, I looked up from my novel and threw an annoyed glance at the tactless fellow who was attempting to disturb my thrilling pursuit of the elusive phantoms. How could anybody be this obtuse?

It couldn’t be my buddy Tommy as his podgy fingers certainly bore no resemblance to the long brownish ones with greenish nails which were trying to push open my window at the moment. Moreover, the young rambutan tree right outside my window couldn’t have borne Tommy’s substantial weight.  My lips curled up in a cynical smile at the ludicrous thought of Tommy ascending a tree.

Tap! Tap!  The impudent goon wasn’t going to give up, was he?  I got off the bed to investigate.  Tap! Tap!  The thumping against the glass persisted.  Pressing my nose against the cold window, I peered into the dark.

A faceless blotchy creature rose up to greet me.  It was an octopus-like green monster!  Letting out a loud unearthly scream, I turned tail and ran.  I wasn’t about to wrestle with that frightful monstrosity.


Photo credit: twicsy.com


I wrested the door open but before I could bolt through it, I tripped over my house slippers and fell flat on my nose.  Ouch! That hurt like crazy.  Lifting up my head from the floor, I sneaked a look at the window.  Uh-oh!  The green bogeyman had gained entry and was reaching out for me with its sinewy limbs.  As the stringy tentacles swished around me, gooey green slime splattered all over me.  The goo reeked of rotten eggs.

Before long, the determined forelimbs wrapped themselves around my neck in a deathlike grip, effectively cutting off my air supply.  “What did I do to deserve such an undignified ending to my life?” I thought resentfully as I felt myself lapsing into unconsciousness.

When I regained my consciousness, I was lying on the floor.  Phew!  It was just a bad dream.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted into my room, reminding me just how good it was to be alive.  I skipped into the kitchen and the minute Mom saw me, she exclaimed, “What happened to your nose?” “It must be the new foaming face wash you bought yesterday.  My skin is sensitive to the formula,” I mumbled.

I would probably perish from the merciless ribbing from the triplets and my dad had I confessed to falling out of bed at my grand old age.  Which girl in her right mind would want to become the joke of the day for her family however loving they might be?



About Katherine

Just a female who has time to do a bit of pondering and musing. Otherwise, I am on an interesting journey down the path to being a senior citizen.
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