Sinbad the Snake Charmer

In collaboration with Anderson C. (10 years old)

Photo credit:


There are many poor people living in Tibet.  Tibet is now ruled by China. Some of the poor Tibetan people work as snake charmers in the streets.

Although his name is Sinbad, he is not a sailor.  Instead, he works as a snake charmer and lives in a Buddhist temple. Sinbad owns a pet snake, Chandran.

He performs with his snake under a shady tree nearby the other street vendors.  When he plays his flute, Chandran sways to the music.  When he stops playing the flute, Chandran lowers itself into the basket.  Sinbad closes the lid tightly so that his pet does not escape.

Sinbad collects more money when there are tourists visiting his town.  The foreigners give him several yuan while the locals give him a few fen.  He like the Americans best because they don’t mind giving him 10 yuan at a time.  He wishes he can visit the United States one day but he will have to earn a lot of yuan before he can do that.


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