By Samantha W. (11 years old)

A photograph of three camels, taken at the Pyr...

Photo credit: Wikipedia


Hello, are you looking for information about camels?  You have just come to the right place.  Camels are one or two-humped mammals; they are not aliens with a thousand bumps on their bodies.

Camels can be found in Africa, Asia and Australia but you needn’t travel to the middle of a desert just to look for one.  Simply drop by your national zoo and you get to pet a tame camel or better still, ask for a ride.  That is certainly a lot more convenient than having to visit a desert, isn’t it?

A male camel is a bull and a female, a cow.  Not the one that says moo though.  In fact, camels make a rather funny noise which goes something like “Oooooooooohhhhhhh” but when they are angry, they growl.  A baby camel is called a calf and it has a lifespan of 40 years.

Camels live in herds and can stay in the desert for a long period of time without food or water.  Can you imagine any other animals or humans going without water for two weeks?  I will probably be quite dead by then but camels can survive because they store lots of food in their humps before they go on a long journey.  Truly, they must be the cleverest creatures on planet Earth.

Camels are good workers.  They carry human passengers and heavy loads across the desert.  A trip through a desert may take days or weeks and a bad-tempered owner might even take his anger out on his camels by whipping them for no apparent reason.   Camels have feelings too and they can also get tired from traipsing across the desert with the scorching sun beating down on their backs.  What if the camels give the brainless owner a taste of his own medicine?  I would say, “Yay!”

So camel owners, stop hurting your camels unless you want to walk in the desert on your own.  Be kind to your camels unless you wish to say goodbye to them.  Without you, they can easily survive on their own in the desert.



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