By Angeline T. (8 years old)

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We can see a lot of camels in the deserts.  Deserts are hot and dry places but the camels can withstand the harsh climate.  Their long eyelashes prevent sand from getting into their eyes during a sandstorm.

Camels can go without water for long periods.  They drink lots of water which get stored in their humps before they embark on a journey.  I think that is pretty neat.  I don’t like drinking water.  My mother and grandmother are always reminding me to drink water every day.  I wish I have a big tank inside my body that can store water for a long time, just like the camels.  Then I only need to drink water once a month.

People use camels to carry things and themselves across the deserts.  If you wish for a camel ride, go visit the Sahara Desert.  Perhaps a kind camel owner might just let you have a free ride!

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